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heart rate increase when you lean forward?


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Hi everyone,

I've had POTS for about 14 months now (hyperadrenergic form). One thing that the doctors have not been able to answer is why my heart rate jumps up (15-20 bpm) immediately when I lean forward while in a sitting position (when my innerds are compressed).

When my POTS began, I had a pretty sharp pain around my diaphragm, then a sense of fullness there, kinda like I have a water balloon in there. It is bad enough that I can't sit up straight much without the symptoms increasing. It seems to be from the abdominal compression. When I lean back and "give it some room", the heart rate goes back down.

I think it could be blood pooling because CT scans show nothing, but that test is performed lying down (when it is not noticable).

Does anybody else have that or have you ever heard of it before?

Thank you!


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I noticed the same symptoms and I told the doc's while I was at the hosp. (this was a dy or two before my POTS tests were diagnosed). They also did a abdomen CT/MRI and both were clear andunremarkable. I a gree about the blood pooling thing. Remention it to your doc. My holter monitor picked up the increase in BP at times when my abdomen was compressed.


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