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Any good docs in Morgantown,WV?


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Hi everyone, I havent been on here for a while. We moved to Vermont then recently just moved back to WV. I would like to find a good pots doc around here so I was wondering if anyone has ever saw Dr. Hoeldtke in Morgantown? I went to Cleveland for my dx but its so far to drive I would rather find someone in Morgantown. I'm still taking my Lopressor in the am and last time I went to the doc in Vermont, he had said that my blood pressure is not going back and forth like it used to so I'm holding out hope that it may start to go away (if thats possible). I do feel like I have improved some but not back to normal yet (normal..whats that?) I was walking 3 miles 2 days a week and I found that the exercise did help with the assitance of my compression hose. I hope all is doing okay and its good to be back....


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