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hey everyone,

sorry I havent been on for ages Ive havent been well.Basically Ive started taking an antidepressant -sertaline.It evened out my moods which im thankful for but I was having trouble walking and twitching so my doc took me off it.I am now in the stages of coming off it and am back to square one.Still fainting and feeling very bad.Ive tried so many antidepressants to treat my depression over the years but I always come off worse so Im giving up on them now. Oh and still having neck problems, my speech goes funny when i move it certain ways and its still swollen.

I also had a bad episode at work the otherday.It was really bad.I felt so ill.They usually last about 20 mins then go but this one went on for about two hours and it frightned me.I had to shut down the checkout and have a long break.Luckily my boss was fine about it.Im scared im going to have another one at work as im going work today.Anyway just wanted to update you.

I just wanted to ask if anyone has any other ideas on how to treat depression without antidepressants.



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I'm sorry to hear that you're having troubles. I was thinking last time you posted that you were doing much better.

I don't really know other ways to treat depression other than exercise, avoiding sugar in the diet, and herbals like Sam-e. I assume they have this in Britain; you can look into it. I believe there are some contraindications with certain meds, so please check it out thoroughly before trying it and talk to your doctor about it.

I took sertraline (Zoloft) for many years and did very well on it, except I did have a very decreased sex drive as a side effect. Too bad it didn't work out.

Hope you begin to improve soon.


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This is the haard and long way but going to a pyschologist and sorting throughthe problem made me learn hohw to overcome the emotional part of the depression to get me to the point to learn howto manage the physical part of depression. Don't get me wrong -I believe your depression is chemically caused by the POTS - but the never ending battle to overcome the feelings and to keep going onday to day with it and especially dealing with doctors almost did me in- finding a grreat psychologist really helped me over come the mental problems - and also helped me overcome some other problems - I never could tolerate anti depressants either.

The best thing about a good psychologist is that it gives you a safe place to talk -whicih is the best medicine i ever found for depressiion- a place to release all those awful feeling dragging me down - wheni finally could get free of them all- i felt so free.


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