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Something Stange Happened


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I was lying in bed writing some poetry yesterday, about 1am, i had some spyware scanner running on my PC and left my speakers on. Next thing i know there was a lound alarm sound from my PC from the spyware scanner. I jumped out of my skin. The first reaction i did was head for my pules (Dont ask why lol). I noticed instead of speeding up my HR dropped to like 40, then after 20 seconds of so went fast then went normal.

At the time i was lying down, my HR ususally drops to its 50-60's when lying. But i was puzzled to why my HR slowed down then sped up. I know its happened befor, its just this time i checked my pulse. I get the impression my brain is sending the wrong signals out. I felt no pain of nothing, so i didnt worry about it.

Ayone exlain or had this befor?

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I found this info:

Racing heart, slow heart beat, palpitations

Anxiety releases adrenaline into the blood stream making the heart race and feel as if it is missing beats, (palpitations). This is perfectly natural and will not and cannot harm you in any way. Later I will discuss methods you can use to help stop these feelings. A slow heart beat is also a common feature of anxiety, again it does not mean that your heart will stop beating, it may feel odd and alarming but again do not give it any credibility and it will go away

I can find no info on what i experienced the only thing i found was that above comment, i wasnt searching for anxiety, but thats all i could find.

Today i came out the flat, went in the lift and needed to get out, i felt dizzy and horrible! I then walked the bus stop to go colledge and felt very sick and in an anxious mood. The bus came and i just couldnt get on it, i ended up turning round and going home. I feel like a faliure, im so upset, ive let everyone one down. I foned the colledge and i gotta go tomorrow now for my timetable, but im really scared and no1 will help me. My family thinks its all in my head, even if it is its still a problem and ruining my life. Ive had all this for 3 years nearly and its awful.

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You should be checked by a Dr if you haven't already.

Have you had a tilt test?

You may have hyperadrengic form of dysautonomia. (See the main web page to look this up).

My heart rate often drops with a loud or sudden noise and then races and then eventually returns to normal. My drops are severe enough that I passed out prior to having pacemaker implanted. (I'm the typical patient on this issue though)

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