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Condition or Disease?


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POTS itself is not a disease but a syndrome (the "S" in POTS) or a condition.

that said, some of us have "diseases" that may be the cause of our POTS, OI, NCS, etc...

but POTS in and of itself isn't considered a disease....which doesn't mean it's any less of a problem! a lot of medical problems of varying severities & impact on the patient aren't technically classified as diseases.

:) melissa

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Hi Kimberley,

welcome to the forum!

Like Ernie, I call it a disorder (although mine isn't proven to be genetic). I don't think about it as a condition, because I think a condition is more temporary (at least, that's how I feel it). I don't think about it as a disease as well, because of all the symptoms, caused by different diseases.

Well, hope I didn't confuse you,

Corina :)

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