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a cardiologist who cares- surely NOT?!


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Hi everyone. I thought I'd share some good news. So, I got a referral to a cardio who 'does' VVS at the local hospital (sister of the one I normally wind up in ,where the guy told me shut up and put up :( )

Anyway, I got a call on Tuesday saying can you come in tomorrow (almost unheard of in the UK--normally you wait MONTHS) So I get there, and the guy tells me.....

he has two other pots patients! :lol::lol::lol: he knows what it is! :lol::lol:

and we sit for an hour! he doesn't rush me, or my folks.

he asks me to stand up, and I go funny--and he knows what to do--he instinctively grabs my wrist, feels the pulse and says "yuh- huh, I can feel it too!" :huh::blink:

What a breath of fresh air...

He called again yesterday and I had to go in today for a 72 hour holter monitor which we'll do every weekend til I go away...

And if my pulse IS slow enough after the tachy episodes, he will pace me to try and sort out the brady. :ph34r:

Although we know there is no cure for POTS- something he made clear from the start.

He can't understand why I wasn't referred to him earlier- if I had been, we could've tried drugs that might help :o

But...the good news is, he actually seems to give a TOSS. Woot! :P

Who knows what will happen before Oxford now- it's only 3 weeks away...but we live in hope B)

love to everyone

P x x

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Congrats!!! It's nice when you find the right doctor. Good luck.

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I haven't posted this week because I have been very depressed. Your post just lights up my day. I am so glad you have FINALLY found a great doctor. That is wonderful news!


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:ph34r::( Yippee! Persephone, that's great news...at last someone in the UK who cares. Where and who is he I want him now! ha ha! Tell him there are a dozen other POTS patients he can have aswell if he'd like to make it a speciality! lol :blink:

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congrats pers! i'm SOOOOO happy for you.

is there a reason though that meds still can't be tried....many don't need to build up such that there would be time between now & your leaving...

so glad you found this doc...

:) melissa

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Thanks veq- and for your article! and thanks to everyone else too.

I odn't know if you guys have this- I think I must just be so used to my symptoms that to have to descrbe them and think about them is really tough?

I've had 45 episodes since getting hooked up on Friday. And having to write them all down has made me realise just how \much this is interfering with my life.I've not had to use a wheelchair or anything- this weekend has been a relatively good one! So ridiculous :angry:

Come on guys, someone has to do something, don't they?

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