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Birthday tomorrow and first test over with!

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Yesterday I had my first GI test done at the hospital. It didn't go as bad as I thought it would. I was scared to death and really did not want to go. When they gave me the oatmeal with the radioactive solution in it I felt sick to the stomach. I just DID NOT want to eat it. Thank goodness the pictures themselves only took one minute to be taken. I have some other tests coming up including drinking barium which I've never heard good things about.

The only good thing that will be coming out of me being sick is that tomorrow is my 17th birthday! It means so much to me this year, more then other birthdays I've had. I think the majority of me being so excited is that basically nothing good has come out of the end of 2004 through now...due to me being diagnosed with so many things.


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Well I can't say I've ever been beaten to the b'day well wishing by the b'day girl herself--but it happened! ;)

So I guess it's a night early, but I completely understand looking forward to birthdays! I've had all my junk for 7 years, but last year was very hard due to some rough surgeries--and even though I had my last one 3 days AFTER my 27th, it was way easier than the first 2, and my LAST ONE! And ever since I've been climbing upwards---slowly, very slowly, but I have been improving.

I certainly wish the same for you Gwendolyn. Happy 17th Birthday!! :):wub::wub:

Glad you made it through your first GI test, yeah the barium is icky, but it could be worse, you just have to drink it fast while trying not to throw it up, which can be a challenge! :D You'll be just fine though!

Sorry you can't be in school right now, do you like to read books and watch movies and stuff, or have the days been kind of boring? I'd like to tell you all kind of books I liked when I was your age, but sadly, they are probably in the archives now!! :o I am a harry potter fan---I don't care how old I am!

Anyway, I wish you a very wonderful birthday, I hope all your wishes come true! And I certainly hope you find better, more stable health this year!

Take Care!


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I'm wishing you a happy 17th birthday! I'm glad that things went well on your test yesterday! Radioactive oatmeal?!! ;):):wub: I'm not sure I'd be able to choke that down either! :D:wub: I'd never heard of it before! :) I learn something new everyday! :o

Hope your birthday brings at least a smidge of what your heart desires most. Don't forget to make a wish! Extra piece to whoever guesses what kind of cake you're having? Pretty please?! :) Betcha it's an ice cream cake with those little chocolate crunchies in between the layers!

I hope this next year brings you plenty of smiles and encouraging steps! I'm so glad you could be on the forum so we could celebrate with you!

With love,

Angela (the birthday girl of 2 days past :) )

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happy Birthday!!

Hope that you have a wonderful day!! and that your new yr is full of good stuff and recovery!!

You are so brave.. eating radioactive oatmeal!! OMG!! I would have puked my guts out.. :D

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I thought that I would be the first one, as I live in Europe! :(


happy birthday Gwendolyn!!!!!!!!

Hope you will enjoy your day and that you will be able to do something special (and get nice presents :ph34r: ). I have to work on doing the colors, but my wish for good health and a long and happy life isn't any less in just black!!!

Have a real nice day Gwen,


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Time to pull out the colors!! Happy Birthday, Gwendolyn !!!

I wish for you the same thing i got for my birthday this year...sunny skies and a day where my POTS was so tame i thought i had been cured! :ph34r:

Glad to hear you are making it through the tests. They can be really rough...radioactive oatmeal is unreal! Keep hanging in there and have a happy day!


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