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Did you find out what caused POTS

Have you found out what disease or problem that is causing POTS?  

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I voted "still trying to find out". We believe that I've had it my whole life, but I would like to know where it came from, if in fact I was born with it.

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I voted yes... It was Lyme hands down as the cause. I have gone into complete remissions when I get up to the right dosages of abx.....

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i didn't vote as i didn't feel that any of the options applied. i know that Autonomic Neuropathy is part of the mechanism of my POTS but not why i have the Neuropathy. we think that there's a connection with when i had a bad bout with mono at 11yrs old but don't really know. while in a way i'm "still looking" it's not an active thing for me. seeking treatment is, as is finding out about mechanisms to any degree that they'll help my treatment, but as for the "cause" per se i honestly don't think i'll ever know for sure. the vandy folks think it may be an autoimmune mechanism but there's no way to really know. so while i have some pieces of the puzzle, for me (and perhaps for some others) the complicating factors make it tough to choose a yes or no answer. or perhaps my type-A way of thinking about how things fit together just make it too tough for ME to cast a vote!

B) melissa

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Well this was tough, I think there needs to be more options because in my case I think there are more than one reason. So I didn't vote.

First of all I think it started in one of my first pregnancies as I would have black out spells and couldn't bear to be out in the warm weather at all in the summer, pregnant or not.

But Now that there are other people in my family that have it including my mom so I'm pretty sure it was an inheritated trait.

But it came on after having a flu shot in the end of October 2001. I was constantly sick until the middle of November when the tachycardia hit me like a ton of bricks. Since then I've continued in a downward spiral with constant new symptoms and little help from the docs here.

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i have has symptoms since i was a teenager...doctors could never figure out why. A few years ago my daughter and I got mono and have been sick since. they believe this triggered her and triggered me to become more severe. they also believe that a severe kidney infection she had with a temp of 105 may have been the cause or the severe strep infection she had. with both they couldnt identify the bacteria from the infections. she was hospitalized many times that first year. finally

a ped dr referred us to a cardio who diagnosed her. She and I have both had 3 surgeries unrelated to the condition this past year... they believe this could be affecting our condition. it wasnt until they figured out what she had that they tested me and figured out what was wrong with me. now that we both have confirmed diagnosis, they say heredity, and other medical problems triggered the condition to become more severe for each of us.

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