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Well heres the new news, I went back and saw my family doctor, I was so upset, and just tired of dealing with everything, I expressed how upset I was, he, sat and listen to me and was very understanding as always, he said he thinks it time to go to Cleveland. I am not sure want to think. I really want to find out wants going on with me, to see what things I can do, and if there is anything the other doctors have missed. The only done fall is I am waiting for my insuance to approve. So I am just at a stand still untill Bule Cross make up there mind, it hard as I live in Iowa so they don't like to pay I guess out side of Iowa!

I am really worried that I am going to go to Cleveland and they say the same thing they said here, we are really sorry, but there is not much we can do. I know there is somthing really wrong. Maybe it just the POTS, maybe I need to just learn to deal with it, but somthing just doesn't seem right. Does that make since, or do I seem out in left field?

Well keep it in you thoughts that Bule cross will approve the referal!

Thank you soooooo much!

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I hope all goes well for you, but even if they don't come through with the insurance, they are other possiblities.

I was in a tight spot with insurance coverage, due to my husband just getting back to work and one insurance dropping our coverage, and the other wouldn't be picked up until he had enough hours in, and it was in the middle of all my testing. The cleveland clinic helped me out greatly.

I'm not sure on all your story, and how your finances are, but don't count out getting help if your insurance denies it. You can send me a p.m if you want to talk more about it.

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Thanks for the information, I may need to take you up on it. I am not sure what I am going to due, I called again today, and I still do not have an answer. I am hoping things will go though but it noce to know there are other options!



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