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Gluten free restaurant article


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Here's the link: I'm not gluten-free but I think it's nice that it seems to be "catching on" at some more popular places. I never even think about people with diet restrictions not being able to eat out! duh steph! :)My only requirements are a full salt container and tabasco! :wub:


Happy reading! :wub:


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One thing that I found when investigating for my daughter that the West Coast is kind of up to speed on, although I would have to head to Seattle, Washington in most cases :(

With a list of chain restraunts that Cater to Gluten-free around the Country



Guide to eating out


But here are some great websites




NY Eating out


Seattle Celiacs


Seattle specific restraunts


My friend just told me that Walmart super stores will be carrying an isle of gluten free products.

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Guest Finrussak

This is GREAT but I have a question....does anyone else get annoyed at all the restaurants and even major food suppliers ( and even the HOSPITAL) doing it half-baked??? I mean theyll offer gluten free then you find out the sauces or broths have "hydrolyzed" stuff and MSG etc. I am one of what I think are many with chemical and additive as well as food sensitivities. Matter of fact some things I thought I didnt tolerate was becasue of the additives and NOT the foods!!!

Even so called health food products...there is so much hidden junk...like the term "natural flavors" do you know that allows them to add something that 'naturally' contains MSG yet they dont have to list the msg on label!!!

Maybe if enough of us put pressure??? Ive even had to get the hospital dietician to my bedside to show her hives one afternoon after she assured me that her kitchen only uses plain home-baked turkey...she finally admitted that it was a boars head catering pkg...warmed in the hospital kitchen then sliced...and the "natural flavors" maybe had caused the reaction...thanks a lot. the HOSPITAL took 2 yrs to get in stock gluten free stuff...and there is a lARGE GI dept there...youd think theyd know this stuff...and now I get pkgd jello with additives, fake ice cream ( you wouldnt believe the list of junk in there), campbells soups...the WORST as far as MSG...and the ONLY choice in my local hospital...why??? and fake mashed potatoes. I had to make my parents run to the diner 20 min away for a plain baked potato so I wouldnt starve!!!

Then the Nutrasweet put into meds....I have to take pediatric suspensions of everything...instead of a little sucrose ( common table suger) almost all pharmaceuticals are using aspartame and other artificial sweeteners...I now have to make my pharmacist check every darn ingredient...and whats with the colorings??? who cares if the stuff is a pretty red or pink when I need the meds without the excitement of a trip by ambulance to the ER for treatment??? and Im sure the infants these things are meant for wont care either...and maybe even will benefit with safer stuff???

Or is it just me????

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