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Dehydration and Pain


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Ive been out of the house, back and forward all day today, its enrolment day at colledge and i just got in :wub:, im doing Teaching. I left the house early, about 9am, since then ive had 2 cups of tea and 2 glasses of water. I arrived home at about 16:15 feeling a bit dry in the mouth. I was at the buss stop and i got a stabbing pain in my right side (opposite to heart), i had it about 5 times so far, scince about 3:30. I was told that dehidration (spelt wrong i know) is a cause of these pains. Im now stocking up on fluids, so i just hope it goes away.

Anyone got this befor, new pain i havnt felt. By the way in the UK (Birmingham) its AWFULLY!!!! HOT. The type of hot were your cloths get all sticky.

Baby Boy, I fixed the title for you, and other than that your post is untouched

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