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Question About Drinking Something


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I have not had any caffeine in about a week until today , I have been mostly drinking water or kool aid. Today I had some pepsi to drink and have eaten pizza and lots of chips. My heart rate and BP yesterday was ok and today when I stand up my heart rate is about 130 max and BP max is 145 / 108 . If this bad , and should I worry and could it be from what I drank and if I drink water will it maybe clear it up? Any of the rest of you get this.

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Steph makes a really good point.

Taking your BP/HR for awhile can be useful when you want to show your doctor something new, or by all means if your doctor has advised you to monitor your heart rate or blood pressure you should follow her/his instructions.

But for me it became just another focus that made me attend to what was going "wrong". And ofcourse when you attend to what is going "wrong" your apt to add fuel to the fire. But maybe that's just me.

What has helped for me is to stop taking my BP several times every day, even when I feel my heart pounding. I know my heart pounds sometimes, especially when I stand up. I have POTS. That's part of the picture. Now some people who have snyscope need to monitor their vitals to help them avoid passing out. But for me it wasn't helping and infact at times had very little to do with "how I felt".

When I stopped trying to figure out why things were happening and relaxed a little bit into the strange sensations then I actually began to feel a bit better about living with POTS.

Good luck on your healing journey.


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I have POTS, and was advised not to drink alot of water, but to drink plenty of gatorade, and or Powerade. I was also told not to drink any kind of pop (even caffeine free) or anything besides gatorade and powerade and some water.

You need to keep track of what types of things you either eat or drink that don't make you feel well, and stay away from them.

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Your in good hands and I agree with much that has been said.

You should keep a log of daily symptoms and regular times of the day for blood pressure and heart rate. Maybe if you have a really bad symptom you could take your vitals and register that on another page of crisis situation symptom and vitals at time of occurence.

As for food and drink, there has been much debate and it is very individually based! It will be an experiment for you to cut things out and notice how you feel.

I've personally been told to drink more water, gatorade with salt added, I can't tolerate one leading brand of soda products but do alright with another AND most important because I have orthostatic intolerance they suggest 1-2 cups of coffee a day to help bring up the blood pressure. There are some types of coffee I absolutely can't drink because they increase my tachycardia and others I do fine with.

Some of the powerade/gatorade drinks have made people feel worse but that often depends if their sensitive to the sugar too.


I'm not sure what your diagnosis is or who your seeing but I've rarely heard of decreasing water but maybe you were drinking gallons a day :rolleyes:

theres my 2cents


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steph (briarrose),

i don't want to speak for tracy, but i'm guessing that the "drinking less water" was speaking not so much to not drinking water but rather to drinking gatorade instead of water b/c of the potential benefit of the electrolytes. correct me if i'm wrong tracy! i know this was particularly the case for me this past spring when i was having severe issues with gastroparesis/vomiting/weight loss. i really couldn't "waste" any of my precious intake on water so only did gatorade and then high-calorie things. this is an extreme though (& not my norm) & most of us do best with a mix, some with just water, etc. we're all different in this regard. generally i do best hydration-wise with a mix of gatorade & water...gatorwater, as steph has dubbed it!

same goes for the coffee. for some with OI or any of the dysautonomias (or people in general for that matter - regardless of brand - coffee &/or any caffeine is a disaster. again, we're all just SO different.

chad -

i wouldn't worry, but as others have suggested just try to keep track - without going overboard - of any drinks, foods, etc. that seem to make you worse.

it's sometimes a fine line between keeping tabs on things & getting obsessed with trying to find the answers (most of us have been there at some point!), but with time you'll figure it out.

:rolleyes: melissa

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Well actually you could have talked for me, because you are right. Dr Fouad, "advised" me not to drink to much water due to the fact of "washing" out to much of what I need, and to intake as much of powerade or gatorade as I could for the electrolytes. Along with I am to not have any caffeine.

Sorry it took me so long to post, was at the fair, then down and out for a few days, just getting back in the swing of things.

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