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Unusual neurological symptoms

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I have a question. My daughter woke with vertigo in the past. It lasted on and off for an hour and a half. She also has a weak feeling in her legs. She could still walk but she felt a little weak standing. I gave her a salty snack and water. Eventually it subsided. I brought her in to her pediatrician that day and they sent me to ER   By the time we got there she was fine. They did a clinical and didn't feel like it was necessary to scan her. Another morning she woke up with a headache and nausea. She also said her legs felt weak. The feeling eventually went away. She also has headaches that she describes as a tight band around her head. It comes with nausea though. It sounds to me like a tension headache but when I read up on it it says tension headaches don't usually come with nausea. Does anyone have any insight into what these episodes could be? She's had brief episodes of shaky vision. (Lasting seconds). She had an MRI a couple of months ago and thank God they found nothing. I just don't know what to make of these symptoms 

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So sorry she is having these symptoms.  Great news that the MRI showed nothing of concern.  I assume she has been evaluated by a neurologist?

Weakness, vertigo, headache and nausea can be POTS or OI symptoms.  

Has her B12 level been tested?  I was found to have low B12 a few years ago and I was having episodes of weakness in my arms and legs that resolved with taking B12 supplement.

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5 hours ago, TorturedSoul said:

 I guess iM wondering if POTS can cause all these neurological issues 


This list of symptoms may be helpful.  There are so many, and it seems each person is unique in terms of what they experience, what is most troublesome, etc.



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