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More B'days here


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Happy Birthday to you ladies as well! :)

This sure is a busy time! I didn't even know the Dinet calendar did that b'day thing--I just needed to know what day it was!! And lo and behold that is FILLED WITH SECRETS! :):D

I wish all of you celebrating wonderful years ahead and as good health as possible!

Have a great day! ^_^:P:)

Take Care


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Here's to Laura and Stacey:

Happy birthday to you,

happy birthday to you

happy birthday dear Laura and Staceyeyeyey

happy birthday to yououououou

Hope you'll have just as nice a birthday as I did (not sure if this is correct english!!)

Do the two of you have something special going on today? I hope you'll have nice weather and will be able to enjoy the day!!!


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I wished for a surprise today and you guys granted it thanks!

Happy Birthday Laura as well, so nice to know we share a birthday!

Corina I loved the Staceyeyeyeyeye :-)

It is very hot and rainy down here but was nice last night when I went with hubby for ice cream!!!


Hope everyone is having a nice day!!

Thanks again it really made my day!


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i'm late in the game on this one, but still wanted to chime in with two great big HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to you gals. i hope you had wonderful days!

:( melissa

p.s. and now i'm going to admit that i didn't know the b-days were on the calendar & i actually went through every profile - yep, EVERY one - to write down everyone's birthdays awhile ago. and i still don't remember them. talk about embarassing! <_<

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