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Thanks for replies to my earlier topic! :)

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If I am standing by myself upright and walking I can go for a while. Probably about 15 minutes, which in my life (too sedentary) is equivalent to all I need to function.

If I am stanidng by myself just standing there still, I start to feel things IN MY CHEST around 5 minutes. (not pain, but like something in the center of my chest is being streeeeeetched vertically in me) I don't feel faint, but my heart does race. I never ever feel really faint. Or maybe I would, but that chest stretchy feeling makes me wanna sit down before then

If I am being driven in the car with sudden braking, I feel that stretchy feel.

Here's the kicker: If I am standing up, still, and cross my arms over my chest, and grab the opposite arm with each hand, I can stand indefinitely (I stop trying after 15 minutes), and it seems that my heart doesn't race as much (I measure it with a heartbeat reader. I've read about 'counter-maneuvers' on this website, but they all have to do with fainting feelings or the leg. Mine all have to do with removing that stretchy feeling in my chest that causes me to want to sit down.

I'm not trying to self-diagnose here, as I plan to take everything I read here to my doctor, but I am really curious if anyone matches my experience?

At one level, I've felt really alone in this... until I found this place...

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check this out http://www.dinet.org/how_is_pots_detected.htm

With what you are describing, I'm wondering if Catacolamine testing would give you some answers.

I've had a mild version of what you are talking about and over time I've realized, in my case, those sensations are from improper levels of hormones being released and/or not being cleared properly.

My experience is that the blood test is much more accurate than urine (make sure if you have this done that the facility knows how to do the test right---blood taken initially, again after 20-30 minutes of laying down with quiet rest then they stand you up for 10 minutes and take it again).

Talk it over with your Dr of course. I definately agree with Melissa's earlier comment--- Mayo, Vanderbilt, NIH, John Hopkins are all good places for testing but once you leave you need a local Dr who will work closely with you and be willing to help you.

Having a Dr who is willing to help you and learn on their own is the most priceless gift you could have

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I can't really help with your puzzle, although I like puzzling! I just wanted to welcome you and tell you that I'm glad you have found us. We're a vey special group on a very special place which for me was/is a lifesaver! So welcome again and I hope you don't feel all alone anymore!!!


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