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Coffee and histamine


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Is coffee high in histamine? How about decaf? I decided to stop coffee completely even though I was drinking decaf because I feel so lightheaded 24/7 and know that cerebral f blood flow is my biggest issue. I know caffeine is a vasoconstrictor but thought might as well stop it completely. A day later I get a pounding headache. I can't believe even with decaf coffee I still got a rebound headache that intense. Maybe that meant it was affecting me in some ways. I feel a little better honestly not having it but not sure yet. My question is for those with MCAD do you have to stay away from coffee decaf included? And if caffeine is a vasoconstrictor how can it be bad for those with histamine issues. How can it vasoconstrict and also vasodilate? Also I don't know if I need to look into MCAD because I don't really ever get skin symptoms after food. My biggest issues are autonomic (bad shortness of breath, lightheadedness, palpitations). The only thing I do get is flushing (which I've always flushed since I was a teenager) when hot, nervous, with wine or alcohol. My entire chest will be beet red.  Can you have MCAD without hives and skin manifestations? And what's everyone's thoughts on coffee as a trigger? 

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I was told coffee has/can have molds and both decaf and regular coffee have medium/high histamines (decaf may have more because of the way it is processed) also if you have oxalate issues coffee and tea have that also.

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