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Rapid Weight Loss (water loss)

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I have experienced rapid weight loss during a flare for many years.  I realized years ago, (after keeping track of water intake vs. output) this is water loss - not a problem with food or absorption -  I love to eat.  High calorie diets have no effect.  Salt has no effect.  I am intolerant to Meds.  I also have Mast Cell Activation and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  After getting COVID twice (could not get vaccine due to allergic reaction to preservatives) I have been in a flare and am now 84 pounds and I am 5'4.  Weather changes in the fall always bring on 9-11 pounds of weight/water loss in a 2-month time period, but I usually gain it back in the Spring.  Since COVID, I have never recovered the weight.  I am also not able to get blood drawn which I usually have regularly due to severe dehydration.  Blood tests for Copectin and Aldosterone are normal.  

Severe insomnia 1-4 hrs of sleep a night have plagued me for 20 years. I Have extremely severe Osteoporosis, gut issues, but according to my bloodwork every thing is great.  I am not a candidate for TPN.  I am still losing weight.  There is really nothing Drs. can do which is perfectly understandable.

Any suggestions for any natural products or supplements which might help.

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You may want to see a functional medicine doctor to test/consider other sources/causes/treatments. You may want to try liquorice.  Might want to check out Dr Derrick Lonsdale/thiamine and link he sees with dysautonomia.  He wrote a book about it.  There are posts on thiamine on this site.  On your aldostrone test did they test renin too?  Where did your result fall in the range? Some docs assume that if a result is in range there is no problem but have no idea what optimal value is. 


Notice 0-30 is in range for someone over 14yrs old

Have you had a complete thyroid panel done, not just TSH? 


For Mcas I  have read querctin -  liposome form what I take and vitamin C are good.  I have allergies and take both and they help me. 

How is your blood pressure? 

For sleep melitonin and a supplement called Gaba calm calm mind by source naturals which are lozenges help me.  

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@Sarinda - have they tried IV fluids? I am unable to retain oral fluids, even with increased salt intake, because I pee out more than I take in. IV fluids, however, stay in the system and provide hydration and normalize BP for me. I assume they have checked your RAAS levels ( Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone )? Are you seeing an endocrinologist?

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Thank you so much for your responses.  I have my thyroid checked every 2 months because it is sometimes erratic.  I appreciate your feedback.  I have tried all the things you listed.  I had IV saline for 1/5 years 2x a week, but this ruined my veins and I can no longer do anything that involves my veins, especially since having COVID, they are in worse shape.

I also see a Functional Doctor and an Endo.  The functional doctor does not know what to do and the Endo just tries to push drugs for Osteoporosis which I won't do due to my strong reactions and these things just bring on a stronger flare.

I am not sure what the range was for Renin and Aldosterone.  I don't remember them testing for Angiotensin.  However, the drugs they use for these, so far, do not agree with me, so I am trying to find something natural.

Quercitin is a methyl donor and unfortunately does not work for me.  I take Vitamin C.  I am on the fence regarding Melatonin.

I am going to try Licorice.  There is some Licorice in my Iberogast and I do fine with that.  I take Thiamine and I think it helps me with motility.

All wonderful ideas, thanks again!!!

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5 hours ago, Sarinda said:

the Endo just tries to push drugs for Osteoporosis which I won't do due to my strong reactions and these things just bring on a stronger flare

A friend of mine was diagnosed with Osteoporosis early stage and she is not a drug person. She went to a ND and he put her on bio-identical hormone replacement cream/gel after doing hormone testing. 

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4 hours ago, Sarinda said:

 I take Thiamine and I think it helps me with motility

Dr Lonsdale uses thiamine more like a drug than a supplement.  There are different forms of it as well than the HCI form.  He used to work at the Cleveland Clinic. His book is excellent and highly recommend it: Thiamine Deficiency Disease, Dysautonomia, and High Calorie Malnutrition

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