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Good luck at school Bella127


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Just wanted to say hope you had a good first weekend getting settled in, and I hope your first official school day went/ is going wonderfully!!

We're all thinking of you, and hoping you also have a healthy, safe, and most importantly FUN school year!! :lol:

Did YOUR mom and dad come by and take your pictures? Did you have your outfit all layed out? :ph34r: Are you drinking plenty of fluids and eating lots of salty snacks?

Is your computer all up and ready to go? AC making you a popular girl in the dorm?

Let us know how school is when you get a chance! Best of luck Chrissy! :)

Take Care


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steph, you're like our own personal cheerleader :) no complaints in that department....i'm just always impressed by your ability to keep track of people's big events, appts, etc....and love ya for it :)

chrissy - whenever you get this - i hope things are going well thus far. is this week orientation or is it classes already? i made it through orientation last week & after four days of recovering am ready to jump (er...wheel) into classes tomorrow. i know we're at different points of the school game, but i'll be thinking of you as we both start our new adventures!

congrats on all you've had to do to get where you are. and good luck with the days to come. i'm sure there will be days that are tougher than others, but all in all i hope things go swimmingly! and that your A/C keeps on chuggin along ^_^

:) melissa

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miss steph is soooo on the ball! :) you rock girl! i love that you keep track of everyone like this...i used to be much better at it, but lately i've been wondering if my head is still attached? ^_^

anyways....CHRISSY...you've had a long hard road to get where you are today. you have perservered through so much tough stuff at such a young age. i hope you have a wonderful college experience.

pace yourself--lay your outfits out in advance (as advised by our trusty steph), keep salted and hydrated, keep that A/C cranked up--and keep that wonderrful spirit of yours. you can do it!

good luck! keep us posted.


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AWWWWW!! :D you guys!!

I was just talking to my mom, and she told me I might want to check out the site .. Steph, I can't believe you remembered when I moved in .. haha *I* barely was able to remember when I moved in (was it yesterday .. or no friday .. uh ... :unsure: ) haha!

thank you all soo much!!! now for the (long) update:

Yes, my whole family did come to help move everything around (mom, dad, 2 brothers!). Everything went really well!! My dorm is very .. very quiet .. (good for sleeping and studying!!) but now not so quiet because I'm in it .. haha. BUT .. I seem to be the only one on the phone, with my door open (if it's not too hot) and my music cranked up. haha .. but that's ok. I even left little messages on everyone's dry erase boards today .. "good luck with first day of classes :) " and only a few people said thank you .. boo. I'm sure it will get easier, everyone is in a weird place right now and probably very nervous!

But that's not a big deal .. I'm just soo excited to be here, at school!! :D good news is I have friends in other dorms that I go and visit and they are a lil busier, so it's easier to meet people!!

now for all the POTSy related stuff! Today was my very first day of classes. I had 2 - first one at 3pm (Psych 261- School & Society, and at 4:30 - Ed 253- Child Development), in different buildings - first one on the first floor .. second class across the (kinda big) parking lot and to the 3rd floor! ouch. that one you have to go up steps from the 1st to the 2nd .. then catch an elevator at the 2nd to get to the 3rd. .. kinda confusing. that kinda got me a lil winded, I did have to stop and kinda calm down before goin into class. No biggie! I am SO excited to be in the Child Development class .. get THIS .. for my second paper, I get to watch TWO HOURS of children's TV and write about it! The first hour has to be educational (Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer!!) and the second hour just a silly cartoon. Ha! I looove my major. :lol:

I sometimes lay my clothes out, but it's pretty easy with the wardrobes -- you can tell what's where, and I usually know what I want to wear in the morning now. I definitely dress in layers and stay COOL!!

I did get a good start with my morning! I take my showers late at night (not too late, between 9 and 10 usually) and make sure they are basically COLD showers. Ooo speaking of showers .. i have a GREAT story for all of you! .. :)

They have a shower for a handicapped girl there, so she has a bench she can actually sit in while she's IN the shower (the others have benches in the little part that you step into before you get to the actual shower where you pull the curtain over) and since she wasn't moved in yet, I used that the other day. I figured it would be soo much easier b/c I could put my shampoo/conditioner and soap right in front of me and just sit on the bench.

It WAS easier -- BAD part is .. I kinda flooded the bathroom!! :lol: The floor where the water drains is on a slant so the girl can get her wheelchair up it .. except it must not have been draining properly because I got parts of the floor in 1/2 inch deep water!! :o I swear I wasn't in there long -- I swear!! lol.

But I thought of you all of you guys when I did that .. "What would they think right now if they all saw me on the news - 'POTS Girl Drowns Half Of JCU Campus After Shower Incident' " :(:lol: It ended up being ok .. I tried cleanin it up (bad idea post-shower) but then I checked back later and it had evaporated. So .. yay!

My A/C is on HIGH .. and I have a floor fan. It's FREEZING, it's GREAT. :D

Oh, and you should SEE my snacks .. does anything NOT have salt??? I have a bin full of salty stuff .. and my refrigerator is filled with the same! I eat a GOOD breakfast before I leave because I don't feel rushed. This morning I had one of those dole fruitcups, a gronola bar, with some pretzels and an ICE COLD Powerade. :D Then dinner time I made myself a tuna fish sandwich (I'm so used to putting salt on food that I put some on my tuna! haha it was actually really good) with .. pretzels (again! i love 'um!).

So all in all everything is going really well!! I had an appt. this afternoon w/Disability Services, and Allison (who is in charge) finished typing up my letter for my professors while I was sitting there with her. So 2 of those are handed out, 2 more to go!

And the WEIRDEST thing .. I went to talk to my first professor so I could give her my letter .. she kind of read through it and I just told her it was a 'mild heart problem'. (The letter had nothing pertaining to POTS, it only listed the accomodations I would be needing) Then she said something like, "Ooh okay .. I understand, I had someone just last year with some type of heart problem. He used to faint though, and I know his blood pressure went very low."

My jaw dropped! I told her that that sounded a lot like what I have, but he never told her the name for it or else she said she would have remembered. I just found that a crazy coincidence that I didn't say anything about POTS specifically, and neither did the letter, and someone else had something so similiar!

And maybe the girls in my dorm aren't too talkative, but I have met some guys! They are SO nice (and soo cute Steph! ;) ) and a lil group of them stopped by my room today to take me to dinner with them but I was studying in the lounge so I had no idea (what is WRONG with me?!? haha) .. so they went on their way.

It's soo nice because of those boards outside our doors where people can leave us messages -- you always know if someone stopped by when you weren't there. So I saw a message on my board today, "WOW .. U ARE HOT", and these other guys told me it was the 3rd floor --football team! :lol: Tell me that's not crazy. It sounds sooo stupid, but that just makes me feel better and so much more normal .. even that little bit of 'attention' from guys helps a lil .. after being stuck feeling totally 'out of the loop' from everyone .. for so long when I was sick .. it's just a feeling of "YES! This is PAYBACKS for all those times :) " -- and definitely a push right back into the social scene. Since they don't even know me, it kind of reminded me that I am not just a girl with POTS -- I'm a regular college girl. so maybe I will be having a better year than I even thought :D -- We'll see! Sorry for the long update, just wanted everyone to know that everything is going a-okay!

I am drinking lots, salting everything, and not fainting! ;)

Take CARE of yourselves everyone!! Sunfish PLEASE let me know how school is going for you !!! :D Good luck with your classes!

Thank you again everyone for the messages, and Steph for remembering !! :D:D

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Hey college girl!! I am so happy that you had a good first day!! that is awesome..

your shower story is too funny!!

have a good first week!! have fun and..

Salt shakers UP!!

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THE FOOTBALL TEAM :) I think that you should check and see if your mom needs resuscitation. ARGHHHH!!! Ok, I am calming down. Sorry - as the mom of a 17 year old daughter, that strikes terror. ON the other hand, I am glad college has started off so well. I know those "social moments" must be great. Rachel has been so isolated these past 4 years. I know you have family near by but if you ever need help, remember that you also have a POTS mom nearby too who would be happy to help. (Let your mom know that I would also be willing to chase away the football team!!!!)


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What a hoot!! Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning and many good lucks for continued fun and success in school. Oh, and I could have a doctoraste in cartoon viewing thanks to my kids!


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You're too much!! Football team?!? We just won't tell Dad, don't know if he'd be able to handle it. Louise, I may be calling you sometime this week!!

Just go slow Chris, salt, salt, salt and drink, drink, drink (gatorade, by the way!!) No keg parties for you kid! :)

Have a good day. Love, Mom

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You are a riot! I love that your mom sees this post too and laughs! Oh this is too much fun! You are making me remember freshman year all over again!

I loved those message boards too...they are the best. And, what cracks me up even more, is that my roomie and I were just like you---leaving notes for everyone on their boards! :) Anyway, the boards are so much fun!

Hey, I put salt on MY tuna too! :)

And the shower...you're funny.

I'm glad you fit class in there too! :) Your classes sound great too.

Thanks for the great, long update! I can 'hear' the excitment in your voice and it is just wonderful...I remember times on NDRF when you were sooooooooo sick and my heart would break for you and your mom. You so deserve this day and I love how much you are cherishing it!


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Oh wow you guys are awesome. :)

I remember those days, (well, I am only a junior!) and you must be so excited! Good for you for getting to know your way around things like Disability Services!

I hope you have a wonderful year!!!

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