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Methyldopa in California


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Was diagnosed with hyper pots around 3 years ago, have tried a ton of medications but none seem to be working very well. Currently on beta blockers and clonidine, but the clonidine increases fatigue. 

Hoping to find a doctor in CA that would prescribe methyldopa, does anybody know of one? I've talked to 3 different doctors, none of which are familiar with the drug and therefore too hesitant to prescribe it. They do agree that it seems like a valid choice, but that I need to find a doctor familiar with the medication. 

And has anybody tried methyldopa vs clonidine to see which is better? 

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@yahku welcome to this forum! I too have hyperPOTS and tried tons of meds, Clonidine an Methyldopa were two of them. The clonidine had to be stopped after 5 days due to making me sleepy and causing supine hypertension. I stopped the Methyldopa but do not remember why - I can't recall any horrible side effects. My sister also tried both of these meds and could not tolerate methyldopa at all, it gave her muscle problems and she just felt horrible on it. 

I have had POTS for 13 years and eventually was under the care of an excellent specialist. With his help I found an effective med regimen that - combined with IV fluids and lifestyle adjustments - has stabilized me somewhat, not counting occasional flares. 

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