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Emotional Issues, fatigue and POTS


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Yesterday I had a really bad POTS spell, very tachy, and exhausted. It has been very hot here in the UK!

However, the episode was preceded by feeling very exhausted and extremely down. I do not normally suffer from depression, but I have begun to notice a pattern that often when the POTS is at its worse, one of the first symptoms will be a sudden severe drop in mood. I felt tearful, and as if nothing mattered any more. Also, I had become very forgetful over a period of a few days. When well, I have a really good memory. I am used to brain fog, and severe fatigue, but this was specifically forgetting dates, numbers and information which I would never normally forget.

It was not until that I checked my pulse as the physical symptoms became more evident that I realised how ill I was becoming.

I just wondered if anyone else had had low mood, as a preliminary warning to a bad POTS episode.


love, MaryJo


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I don't think I could call it a warning of an impending bad spell, but it definitely coincides with when I'm actually having a bad spell.

Hmmm, something to think about...


PS I must be in the wrong part of the UK, because in Lancaster it's been cold and rainy! :)

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I am usually a happy girl but when I faint in public I feel down for about 3 days. I think what makes me feel bad is that I get rushed to the ER and do not get treated well. On the instances I get treated well I don't feel down.


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mary jo, i think its normal to feel more sad, or depressed when you are feeling worse physically, its hard or i would say impossible not to be affected mentally by how our bodies are feeling, so try not to worry about that too much, the mind and body are connected, so how could they not affect each other? well just my opinion, hope you get some relief soon,


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