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Thank you


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I am new to this message board but I want to start off just by thanking everyone who posts on here. For so long I have felt so alone with this illness. I have had so many questions answered just by sitting here reading posts. (I have been reading for apx an hour. lol and pretty wiped out right now. ) :angry: I do have a good Dr. I see Grubb in Ohio. He is very knowledgable and sympathetic, but I only see him once a year he is not covered by my insurance so from apt. to apt. so many things come up there is nowhere to turn for answers. Til now, so I just want to thank you in advance and don't be surprised if I win for the most questions asked. :P


:unsure: Sue

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Hi Sue

You are very welcome. I know I was in your place once and I know how it feels to be a newbie (or worse yet, not even diagnosed). This forum helped me tremendously so my way of saying thank you is to keep posting in order to help others.

Feel Good


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Welcome Sue! I doubt you will get the award for most questions asked because I'm hot in the running here :unsure: with all my questions! but ask away so it will take the focus off me! (hehe). I can appreciate your situation with only being able to see Dr. Grubb once a year. My insurance approved 6 visits initially and I think they will keep renewing it because he is an out-of-plan specialist for me but still his office makes the appointments about 6 months apart (at least my experience so far and I was only diagnosed last summer). So, anyway, I know how it feels to be flapping in the wind. I love Dr. Grubb don't get me wrong but I guess I'm a real wimp here and scared and want a doctor to hold my hand a little more...somebody totally accessible...the nurses there in my experience are not good at returning calls and I was in quite a state from tying one of the meds he gave me and basically there was nobody to help me...so I don't want that to happen ever again and I'm trying to get in and see a new doc next month...one who I think and hope can be more hands-on in medication management, etc. and work with Dr. Grubb (because my PCP is well, a nice guy, but well worthless when it comes to POTS and I know that is horrible to say but well the truth).

Good luck, stick around, and keep us posted. I just found this place myself a couple months ago and it has given me a lot of information and peace of mind...it helps to realize I'm not crazy and If I am...I'm truly in some fine company here! :angry:

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:angry: Welcome Sue!! As glad as I am to have another new friend I'm sorry that it took this to bring you to us! Dont be shy about the questions the rest of us arent! I found this site a couple of months ago and have learned alot of neat tricks to help thanks to everyone sharing their experiences with me. :P

This serves as a support group for me because there isnt one where I live as a matter of fact I only know one other person (personally) who even has this illness other than me! Everyone here has made me feel so welcome so I'm sure they will you too!

You'll find that when something new happens in your life or to your body that you cant wait to share it with everyone on the forum- definitely when it's humorous :unsure: -after all you dont want to fall behind in our "brain fog"/"duh" moments! We like to make fun of ourselves - it help to not go crazy!

Good Luck!


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