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Back to Work & School Tomorrow

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My Summer has come to an end and tomorrow officially starts my first day back to full time work and graduate school. I find myself being a bit nervous for the first time in many, many years. I left at the end of the school year just hanging on by a thread--and my first test of how I'll do f/t at work was for 3 days last week, Mon, Tue and Weds. I was completely exhausted and fell asleep each night before dinner--got up to eat and went right back to bed.

Sorry if I wasn't as present here last week as I've been for earlier this Summer--I was really exhausted. I spent Thursday in bed most of the day recovering. Friday, I made one errand, to get my hair cut (one must have a good mouse-doo for the first day of school!) and then fell asleep AGAIN by about mid-day.

I have one good note--I started my menstrual cycle last Wednesday for the first time since that horrible Lupron shot at the end of May. I think the whammy of working and hormones is part of what made me so exhausted last week.

I'm going to apologize in advance for being more in the background as opposed to the foreground for the next few weeks as I adjust to the work load (or crash and burn!). I'm already up late for me for tonight--like I said, I have nerves. I'm feeling really overtly emotional, which, if you know me, is not my norm. Tomorrow I dive in--and I'll be thinking of you all here to help keep me centered. I plan on wearing my DINET bracelet as a way to get me to take my best care of myself and not overdo it. :)


OH! I almost forgot...I got such exciting news late last week!!! You know those handmade bracelets I've told you all I make as a hobby to keep my mind happy? On a lark I sent an email to a Croatian store I shop with online pretty often, telling them of my bracelets with Croatian words on them, like peace, love, hope, beloved, mom, sister, grandmother. I asked if they might be interested in carrying them in their store. A few weeks passed without an answer so I just figured "nothing ventured, nothing lost". :)

Well, then I got an email that they were very interested and could I send pictures of my work. Again, weeks passed, so I thought that was the end of it. On Weds night last week, they replied and said, I quote here "We really love your work!" They want me to put together a few sample pieces for them to try to market for the holidays!!! :) And, of course, I started bawling as soon as I read that part of their email. I guess it leaves me an option for a job at home someday, if I need to stop doing such physical work as I do now. That, and I've always been an artist at heart, but thought I had to give that up to make a living. :o

Okay, way to much chatter from me tonight. I'm going to try to meditate a bit to get myself ready for some refreshing sleep. :) A girl can hope.

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Wow, Nina...you spoke right to my heart on this post. I have so much admiration for you being a full time graduate student and working full time. I just want to say good luck tomorrow and this week as you try out your new schedule.

I, too, felt i had to give up on my artistic side for a way to earn a living...thanks for giving me hope that that might not necessarily be the case :) What exciting news! :)


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WOW!!! Nina you are a true inspiration.. I really admire you for working and going to graduate school.. at the same time.. in lew of all the medical things that you have going on..

I know that the first couples of weeks may be rough going for you.. and dont feel badly for not "being around Much" you are accomplishing great things.. and we DO understand and we are all rooting for you!!

Go mighty Mouse.. go mighty mouse!!!

Your go girl.. keep your chin up and take extra good care of your self..



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Awe, see, now you all made me cry (again). :) told ya I'm all emotional...uh, and obviously still AWAKE.

Thanks for being a part of my life that helps keep me sane and feel so cared for. :):) Nina

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I'm up early, as here in the Netherlands schools have started also! My son already left for school (by bike, he's a Dutch boy!!! :) ) at 6.35am, so I have time to do some reading here and go to bed again. Hope you are asleep by now!! Wanted to wish you best of luck today, but not before a good night's rest!!!


If you're emailing the pictures to the store, can you send me a link please (that is, if you have some time left, okay!!!)

Thanks for being part of my life too :) , sleep well now

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Wishing you the best as you start your new routine!

I can relate very well to your post. When I was working it was such a horrible effort to get up every morning (because I don't get restorative sleep) and then eventually I would get "awake" and manage throughout the day but many days I would get home around 4:30 and I would totally crash. I was driving all over the state of GA and between leaving very early in the morning and often not having time to eat anything until I got home I would have "nothing left out of my body" I would fall asleep and usually wake up around 7-7:30 and I would eat dinner (sometimes I was so exhausted I couldn't get up until around 9 or so) and then I would fall back asleep for the night.

Anyhow, I admire what you are able to do and acknowledge how difficult it is. I bet you're right about the impact of your hormones on all of this too.

If you can, try to plan for the weekend just for you...one day to sleep if you need to and one day to refresh your spirit with something you love to do

I'm sending a hug and positive energy your way!!

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Hi Nina,

Just to say a great big well done, and to wish you luck for the start of your studies/work. Wow, your fantastic!!!!!! I am taking a year out to regroup and get myself together before I consider my next move. I would not mind taking my masters in law, but my health is so bad at the moment that I need to spend sometime to getting my life more organised, so boy I admire you!

Sending a really big hug for of encouragement your way!


MJ :)

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Good luck this week Nina! This will be a tough few weeks for you as you get back into the routine... things will settle back down after a bit! The first bit is always the hardest. Just hang in there and focus forward. You can do it!! :) It was really neat to hear about your bracelets. Maybe you could post a pic in the albums sometime? Laura

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nina -

first off, congrats on the bracelets. that is SOOO cool!!! :lol:

second, a wise mouse once said (quite recently as a matter of fact):

...you know that this forum is a "no apology necessary zone" when it comes to having to meter out where you put your very precious energies.

i wonder who could have said that???? :) so....no apologies, k? you are amazing in all that you manage to juggle in the midst of tough health stuff so we're lucky to have you whenever we can have you, and know that you're always here in spirit. (as long as you log on enough for us not to get worried :) )

as much as another can, i totally get where you're coming from at the moment as i'm just now delving into the school/work thing too (work is part of my school so it's still not as much as you're doing though...). i'm sitting here realizing that it took me days to recover from orientation next week so how on earth am i going to manage when i don't have a four day weekend?? but this is about you, not me, so i digress...

i know what you mean though about it being a new &/or different type of trepidation than in the past. i've done school &/or work with health issues for years, sometimes fairly major ones, but this year it's been a whole new level...and whether you knew it or not, knowing the load you've handled has been an encouragement to me as i've looked at embarking on my school ventures.

all i can say is go for it, hang in there, take the best possible care of yourself that you can, make terri spoil you as much as possible, & all that other good advice that you so often pass on in the other direction.

and come back & read the "you go nina" threads (like this one) as often as you need. mine from last week still makes me teary eyed but i've read it at least once a day....don't tell :ph34r:

you go girl....you're an inspiration & encouragement to many of us, including me.

B) melissa

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oh melissa you cracked me up! you got nina there! :) it just goes to show how much easier said than done these things are! i know you all understand when we are each away...but i hate being away just the same! :ph34r:

nina....as my dad would say, 'whip it on 'em'!

i just wanted to chime in with support...

and the bracelet thing is awesome. i was actually trying to find a way for those of us on the board to share our art with each other you know??? :lol: so, if you ever go for making bracelets for money, i've already got precisely what i want in mind and i will commission you!! i don't want my word in croatian though! if that's okay!!!!

well, i certainly don't envy you heading back to the school and classes grind...but i do admire you that's for sure! i got a new battery for my mightymouse, so i'm sending some energy your way! B)

take care alligator! and never worry about being more behind the scenes. there are more of us now to take on some of the moderating load hopefully and you need not feel guilty! we will all take good care of each other. k? :)

pop your mouse head out from those books and say howdy when you can...otherwise, here are some homework batteries....


later alligator, emily

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I know I'm coming in a little late, but I did want to add my little hip-hip-hooray on your wonderful news, Nina. :)

I'm sorry you've been having such a hard time -- I hope Emily's battery works! ^_^ Rest as much as you need to; we're willing to wait a bit to hear the wisdom you add to the forum! :)

I'm thrilled about the news concerning your bracelets! I'm glad you've kept the artist in you alive -- and now you're able to share it with so many! :) What a lovely story...thank you for sharing it with us!

With a smile & hug,


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Doh! I've been busted apologizing :)^_^

And, I'm so excited about my bracelets too--I'm thinking of setting up my own small website just for the bracelets at some point... but not today :) too tired.

I just got home from work--long day. I'm very tired, but you all have given me a good feeling in my spirit. I'm going to lie down now, but with good thoughts of all my friends. :) Nina

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Guest Julia59

Well Nina---I'm a little late-----but I at least want to congratulate you on making it through your first day. I wish you all the best for the coming days of work and school.

Also----congratulations on your bracelets! I love to buy my neices kits to make jewelry, and they love it. I can never go wrong with that----- ^_^

Take things one day at a time----and try not to take too much on at once.

Be good to yourself--------------- :)

Take Care,

Julie :0)

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Good Luck to you Nina! Sorry I am late in responding..... I'm trying to keep up with all the posts! :)

I know everyone will be sending you good wishes!

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