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Magnesium For Sleep...

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As many of you know...I am majorly Sleepless in Pennsylvania still. Even the Lunesta isn't giving me a whole lot of relief. Part of the problem is that I wake up to pee every couple of hours!

Anyway...I know many of you take Magnesium. It has popped up a lot lately in discussion--Gena, Tearose and Roselover--I know all three of you are having a lot of good results with the Magnesium.

What I wanted to know:

How much do you take?

What kind do you take?

What time of day do you take it?

Did you titrate up your dose?

How did you find your ideal dose?

How long did it take for you to find that it helped?

And...any other useful tips you can think of! :)

I have Chelated Magnesium that I bougth from the Freeda company (I buy all of my vitamins from them b/c I know that they won't have any allergens in them for me). The dude on the phone said the Chelated form was least likely to cause diarrhea than the other forms.

I know the Natural Calm is a powdered form of Magnesium (is it Carbonate? mental block!). Freeda also carried this. There are soooo many varieties of Magnesium. I really didn't know if the form mattered or not. Does anyone know?

Thanks for your help! I want to be armed with some more info. when I next email my POTS doc!

I can tell this sleep thing is getting to me--I have put on weight and gotten grumpy--LOOK OUT! :)

Thanks bunches alligators!


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Hi Emily,

I have justed started to take Magnesium 4 days ago.

I take 100 mg 4x a day.

I have not notice side effects. It's difficult for me to know if it's helping because my CPAP pressure was upped on the same day so I have 2 new treatments started on the same day. I know that since 4 days ago I have been sleeping even better, more deep sleep and I wake up more rested in the morning.

I bought Jamieson at the drugstore. It's a cheap brand but I did not want to spend too much on someting I am not sure will work.


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Hey Sleepy Girl,

I take Natural Calm...here is some info from their website. I love this stuff.

I started out at 1 tsp and worked up to 2.5-3tspns right before bed. It tastes great.

If you have loose stools just back off on the dosage. I experience no adverse side effects at all -- just good sleep! :)

This is from their website. http://www.naturalcalm.net/product-description.shtml

Form: Natural Calm comes in a powder and is prepared as a tea (see How to Use for more info)

Ingredients: Water Soluble Magnesium Citrate, and nothing else (205mg of elemental magnesium per teaspoon). Manufacturered using a proprietary process exclusive to Natural Vitality. Contains NO yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, soy, wheat, sugar, starch, preservatives, artificial colors or flavoring.

Serving Size: 1-3 teaspoons (product label explains exactly how to monitor appropriate dosage).

Effectiveness: What makes Natural Calm so special over other forms of magnesium supplements is that it is water soluble and assimilates instantly and thoroughly, and works even in cases of highly impaired digestion.

Hope you find relief soon!


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Hi emily - I have been taking Magensium for quite few years, not for sleep, but I can offer you what I take.

I see a nutritionist that does muscle testing so I get reevealuated every few months to see what dosages of what I need...it always changes.

Right now I am taking Magnesium Sulphate 500mg 3 times a week.....

I am taking it in part with other things to move my Lymph system and also to help hold on to sodium better,,,,, I do see differences when I take it as far as my nuero stuff goes.

I believe Magnesium Sulphate is the most accessable form for the body.......

I have also taken Natural Calm..... This stuf might be a great place to start. Definetly look up the site Gena Gave you. I know some health food stores have it in stock.

I am sorry you are having such sleep problems :)

Take Care!

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Jenn and Emily,

I was curious Jenn that you take magnesium sulfate, as that is basically what is in Epsom Salts. I did some research and it seems that it's most often a prescribed/clinical form of magnesium to treat varying medical conditions.

Here are a few links with some quick info on it...




As an interesting side note, in my research I also found an article that says prolonged soaking in Epsom salt baths can increase the magnesium levels found in your blood - which can be a good thing when you need to relax those muscles. ^_^

P.S. Magnesium can act as a vasodialator, so I don't take too much.


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Thanks Gena! So intersting about it acting as a vasodilator.... good info!

I ony take it 3 times a week and get retested for it every few months so it changes for me when and how much I take...

Natural calm was a little much for me for soem reason... Maybe b.c of the vasodilator part??

Again thanks for the articles.

Emily - I am sending those sheep from the sealy matress comercials to you tonight! lol

I hope you get some zzzzzzzzz's ^_^

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