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Long COVID and Microclots Breakthrough, any hope for POTS?

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Recent research by Pretorius et al has shown that Long COVID symptoms are likely caused by microclots present in the bloodstream that are resistant to the body's natural clot dissolution system.  These microclots don't show up in the standard blood panel which is why they are so hard to diagnose. https://www.researchsquare.com/article/rs-1205453/latest.pdf 

Treatment with anti-platelet and anti-coagulant medication resolved almost all symptoms within 1-2 months. Being in the bloodstream and being tied to inflammation helps explain why the symptoms seem to run the gamut across people as they affect every system in the body.

Here is a more layman's article on it: 

Could microclots help explain the mystery of long Covid? | Resia Pretorius | The Guardian

Has there been any buzz in the POTS research community about this? This paper was released a month ago and I'm surprised no one in this forum has picked it up.

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@kaevne - I had COVID with pneumonia and followed by auto-immune reaction ( vasculitis ). During my acute COVID phase my D-Dimer was extremely elevated ( the D-Dimer is a blood test that indicates the level of a substance that is released when the body is breaking up blood clots ). However - no blood clots were located in CT scan and xrays, it was supposed to have been these micro-clots you are mentioning. Following the hospitalization I took a Blood thinner for 2 months. Excluding the vasculitis ( which is a chronic condtion ) I now am completely recovered and no longer on blood thinner. I was ill from September through November and am now at my pre-COVID activity level, so I do not have Long-COVID 

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