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Brief Pause With My Tinnitus

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Just seeing if anyone else experiences a brief pause with their tinnitus. For me i can feel it coming on then it just goes quiet and then i feel a bit of a blip with my heart. I have had this happen for a number of years. Could it be just a PVC that has a compensatory pause? I did by chance catch one on my home heart monitor back in december (i just don't remember what i felt) 


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@MikeO - it is normal for a PVC to have a compensatory pause. I have them often, and I always feel them as a hard thump in my chest followed by a pause. If I feel my pulse when they occur I can also feel this, and it is normal. Dysautonomia patients often experience what is called "cardiac awareness" - meaning that we are aware of and can feel our own heart beat. Most people are not even aware of any changes in their regular rhythm. 

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