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i know alot of you have neck pain.how severe is it? what part of you neck ? mine is on the left side and in the back of my head it just gets worse and worse. parts of my neck are actually very tender to touch .i cant get comfortable at night no matter what side i lay on the pain is just horrible.yes i have had an mri about a year ago . nothing showed up .but about 8 years age i went to a doc who said swollen lymph node .followed up with another doc who said it was a bone.so all i really know is that it hurts like heck.any thoughts .


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well..I have alot of neck pain too..I get it under my ears and all along the back of my neck.. and up the back of my head. I would rate the pain at severe at times.. and on a good day moderate pain..the pain in my neck also causes some pretty wicked headaches..

ABout 4 yrs ago when i was in PT.. my PT guy was trying to message my neck so that i could move it alittle bit and right under that funny little bone in that base of your skull where your head and neck meet.. I had? and still have severe knotts right underneath those bones.. and they tissues and muscles were severly inflammed.. and they would be huge Mungo knotts all across my shoulder down along my spine,along my shoulder blades through out my ribs.. and all along my collar bone and breast bone.. my god they are painfull..

My Pt would try to message them out.. and I would jump sround on the table so much from the pain that I would cry..at this time I had lost all range of motion in my neck and right arm..

what I did find that helped me.. was moist heat under my neck. and on my upperback..and also he used this ultrasound wand.. it was pretty neat.. it send like some kind of waves through your muscles.. and help relaxes them.. and I also got great relief from a tenz unit.. they are exspenses.. so if you can get you insurance company to pay for it.. that would be good..

It is some 4 yrs later.. i have limited ROM in my neck .. but have gained allmost all range of motion in my arm back.. thank GOD!!.. for along time I could not lift my arm to wash or brush my hair.. i got very good and doing that with one hand.. my left hand at that!! (i am right handed)

you can try doing gentle neck stretching exercises..if you want I can email you what to do..

um.. about night time..I found this wonderful buckwheat hull neck pillow..that rested and support your neck..I use it sitting up.. in long car rides.. and at night to sleep.. I got mine or about $20 bucks I think..i dont remember where I bought it though..

my neck pain is a result of severe fatigue.. coupled with a herniated disk..rotated spine..scoliosis..and muscle/tissue damage..

I hope that you get some relief with your pain and can find some answers..

good luck sallyann


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I get pain that starts at the base of my scull (sometimes as highup as the back of my ears) and radiates down my neck and trhough my shoulders. My dysautonomia doctor and my fibromyalgia doctor both call it the 'clothes hanger effect'. Bascially, the pain comes from the lack of blood flow to those muscles and tendons. When done properly, a deep tissue massage does help to increase the blood flow and temporarly relieve the pain.

Good luck,


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sallyann -

i get a pain similar to the "clothes hanger effect" that jill described when i'm upright too long or doing particularly poorly. it's definitley related to my orthostatic intolerance. when it's bad i often lay down with an ice pack under the crook of my neck for awhile...i often sleep it off for a few hours. i don't have the problem as often when my symptoms in general are under better control.

i had a whole other realm of neck pain several years ago following a black out & subsequent fall down a flight of stairs that ended up requiring surgery, but that's another story for another day that i hope won't ever apply to others here. big hint....don't pass out at the top of a flight of stairs! luckily though my surgery was very successful & other than slight limitation of flexion/extension i don't have any lingering problems from that...

:) melissa

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I have a lot of trouble with this neck pain--neck, shoulder, head. I was taking tylenol, soma, and ice pack just to try to get through it for probably almost a year. I thought it was from whiplash, but am now thinking it is from POTS as nothing has helped until recently my dr switched beta blockers. So the one before did not have that vascoconstrictor effect-toporol xl, so he switched it to propanol inderol or however you spell it. I think my neck pain is related to the effects of adrenal release, as he said that does something to the blood vessels and muscles--he said that causes the muscles to tense up. I have done everything to get rid of the pain and nothing worked and I could not believe that this helped so much--I am so happy as it was a major problem--major. However, on the down side, it does not help with the chest pressure and breathing as much as the other did and now I am so tired!! That is a real problem now. If I could just take both--any of you know if they ever combine beta blockers????? Take care and I hope you can find some relief. Jennifer TX

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Just thought I would add a little something in case anyone is interested...I have/had severe neck pain that radiates down my left arm caused by a protruding disk and nerve compression. I am not a candidate for surgery because the disks above and below this one are in bad shape also. Anyway, after 14 years of NOTHING working, I finally found something, it is called Zonegran. It is like Neurontin, but Neurontin did not work for me. I take 400 mg at night. Hope this helps someone.


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I haven't been able to turn my head to the right more than 20 degrees or so for at least 10 years. X Rays show degeneration, narrowing and foraminal impingement whatever that is. I just know I can't turn my head and I get muscular headaches on the right side. Massage helps me a little.

My neck has hurt for a very long time. painintheneckmorgan

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