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fevers and nightsweats..bone pain :(


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Hello folks.. hope that you all are feeling ok..

Well here is my question for you all today..

last night I woke up with terrible nightsweats.. and my skin was so very hot..

my normal body temp is like 95-96 degrees... and yesterday i felt feverish at the docs office.. and my temp was like 99.. so for me that alittle bit of a fever.. and then last night and today its running about 100.4.. but I dont feel like flu-y.. or anything..

but at about 6am my feet started to ache and hurt.. and turn lovely shades of purple :P and the pain started moving upwards into my ankles then up legs and so forth.. now I hurt from my neck/base of my head down down..it is a very deep kind of bone pain and I am still running a fever and am getting the chills too..

I get like this quite often.. but dont usually run a fever over along period of time...

so that has me wondering if I have an infection or virus getting ready to jump a board..my PCP calling in an antibiotic for me too take... Z-pack..

but like I said I get the bone pain like this alot.. and wake up with the nightsweats and feeling feveerish..I have read that this (sweat/fever) can be a part of dysautonomia..

I got some of those rapid realease extra strength tylenol..they help alittle bit..

I am wondering if any of you have any ideas as far as the bone pain.. I have had this problems since I was about 11yrs old.. and no-one has been able to figure it out...

I cant take like pain medications.. I am allerigic to alot of them.. or do not tolereate them well.. same with anti-inflammatory meds..

so any suggestion for pain relief would be greatly appreciated...

thanks guys


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I have trouble almost every night with leg pain. I do have fever sometimes , but it's not real often ( mostly if I am coming down with a cold or sinuis infection ). The best thing to help with the leg pain is to prop your legs well above your head. I do it by laying on the couch and putting my legs up on the back. Give it a try and let me know if this helps. This is also something I plan to ask about at Vanderbilt.

Rita s

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i get terrible night sweats, and chills only in deep sleep and unbearable bone pain, but i have lyme, maybe you have some infection going on, i take many different pain meds, like ultram, darvocet, codeine, but all have lost any benefit, since taken for so long, sorry that you cant tolerate any pain meds, hope you find something that gives you some relief


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I have night sweats pretty often--and have to change sometimes in the middle of the night b/c my sleep shirt is soaked. Like you (me too phenomenon) I have the bone pain--probably an EDS thing for me. While I'm allergic to many many medications, I am able to take oxycontin, for which I am now quite thankful. I used to be able to take ultracet, which is a combo of acetamenophen (tylenol) and tramadol (ultram)--and that did a decent job for a long, long time. Unfortunately it's gotten worse as I've aged, so then the ultracet stopped working.

I'm now at 20 mg oxycontin 2x a day for pain--and it really helps. I think I've finally mentally accepted long term medication use--getting sleep every night is a great motivator. Nothing like having a full night's uninterrupted sleep to make me a believer. :D Nina

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I'm wondering if you have had an infectious disease work up?

Night sweats and fever can be caused by dysautonomia, but also are caused by infection.

I have Lyme and I used to have such drenching sweats I had to change 2 times in the middle pf the night...

I also spike fevers ( low grade like your a lot)...

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I also have tested positive for Lyme and frequently get episodes of bone/muscle aches and pains with fever. Though normally when this happens I am coming down with a virus and just don't know it until it passes and/or someone around me has been sick. But there are times when I feel feverish and my temp is 98-99, because my norm is also 96-97 degrees. I have 2-3 days at a time about once a month or so where I get this way, feel mildly feverish and achey.

Interesting to see that others with Lyme go through similar experiences. When this happens I also get exhausted, and it frequently happens when I am worn out to begin with (after overexertion).

Ibuprofen and rest are the only thing that helps me.

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