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Question From Tuesday's DINETdyscussion

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I really enjoyed the chat with Dr Amer Suleman yesterday was very informative. What caught my attention in particular was when Lauren asked the question regarding POTS and Orthostatic hypotension and the second half of Dr Suleman's answer regarding Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension.

So am i hearing or reading into it correctly that folks with nOH may not always present with nOH but instead present with POTS?

I have often wondered about this. While i mostly will present nOH i have at times had symptoms of POTS (Tachycardia while in the upright position) that is relentless. 

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@MTRJ75 - you can watch all of the webinar presentations on our you-tube channel. Next Tuesday at 1 pm we will see the first viewing of COVID and dysautonomia, but they are always available to view on you tube after the first viewing.

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