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Heart rate suddenly ‘normal’ but still not feeling right?

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Oh boy, the rollercoaster never stops. After a stomach virus, losing fluids and quite a few blood draws in the last weeks I was flaring and my pots was worse, heartrate around 90-100 resting and 130-160 when standing. Okay whatever, I quickly got used to it. 

But today I took my heartrate and it was 65 sitting and standing up was only about 85-90. This is not normal for me at all.

A similar thing has happened twice in the past, a few years back. Both times was before my period (water retention maybe) and I had some weird bradycardia days at that time where my heart rate would stay in the 50s resting (very low for me) and was only about 80-90 standing. It was like my ANS was so overworked it just gave up.

After a few days it would disappear and I would be back to my old 80 resting-120 standing potsy self. However I’m still about 2 weeks before my period is due so I doubt that can be it. The only thing I can think is that I drank a lot of water and ate some very salty leftover Chinese food this morning, so maybe I’m retaining more fluid?  But I’m always well hydrated at other times too and it usually makes no difference. 

I have to admit these ‘normal’ or bradycardia episodes scare me, I’m so used to my heart rate being ridiculously high (sometimes reaching 180 after eating/standing) that anything under 80 feels very slow and strange. For some reason I want to go to the ER to ask them why it’s doing this. Also the fact my heart rate isn’t raising by 30 beats when I stand also feels strange. Has anyone else experienced these brief episodes of substantially lower heart rate? Whoever thought normalcy would be so scary...

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@sunbun - I too get slow HR from time to time, always did, even when I was at my worst with HR's in the 180's. Some days I just run in the low 50's. As to the high BP - there could be all types of reasons. What my physician told me about the reason for these changes " It all depends on your autonomic tone ". 

I think it is possible that the salty food in the morning can have something to do with it. I would worry more about the high BP then the low HR ( cardiologists dont really worry about a HR in the 50's, especially without symptoms. But the BP is pretty high, do you take any meds? Maybe it would be good to hold off the salt for a while until you recover, and I would contact your doctor to inform him of your HR and BP. 

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9 hours ago, sunbun said:

my blood pressure has been pretty high lately, like 155/90. Could the higher blood pressure be decreasing my heart rate? 

@sunbun For what it's worth I track my my blood pressures daily and have not seen any rhyme or reason as to how blood pressure affects my heart rate. While at times when my bp is high 198/110 my hr can be 80 and the next time i get that high my hr might be 110.  I know if i get to focused (bothered) bp my vitals i will see higher numbers. My cardiologist will worry about heart rates below 50 and above 160 and will want to know about it. My ILR will automatically report to the UWM hospital if i breach these thresholds.. 

It would be a good idea to touch base with your Dr.

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Dysautonomia is dysregulation of the HR and BP.  It just means the body can’t regulate these properly.  It is not unusual for people with POTS to have normal or low HR from time to time.  This is typically not something that is dangerous as long as your doctor is aware. A full cardiac workup can help confirm there are no issues. What is your blood pressure when the HR is low?  I usually had to adjust my BP meds downward when this happened to me.  

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15 hours ago, sunbun said:

Oh and one more thing - my blood pressure has been pretty high lately, like 155/90. Could the higher blood pressure be decreasing my heart rate? 

Yes, most definitely.  It can cause you to feel strange.  I would let your dr know about that right away.

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