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Good luck at school SUNFISH!!


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Just wanted to wish you good luck! Hope the school year is a fun one and a healthy one! :D

Did you set your outfit out last night? Not sleep a wink because you were so excited--or because the Lunesta didn't work? :)

Are your parents coming to Cleveland to take your picture?? :)

OK for me it was more of was I not hungover enough to show up for class, my parents think I could have single handedly kept OU on the top 10 party school list! :blink: But Grad school is serious business, and I'm thinking about it myself, so keep us updated!! ;)

Good luck! Hope you are feeling better from your recent troubles! We're all behind you!! :D

The sun is shining and the weather is beautiful, fill up with salt and gatorade and show Case what you've got! And find a cute guy--or many, while you're at it! B)

Take Care


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Hooray for Melissa!!

you go girl..!! I'm rooting for you.. have a wonderful first day!! tell us all about it later!!



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you all are SO sweet. thanks steph for remembering & to everyone else for chiming in. when i got home & logged on this afternoon and saw this post...i seriously got teary-eyed. yes, i'm a sap, but i'm not going to apologize for it. you all have already been so supportive with all of my transitions/decisions these last few months.

i can't tell you how much your support & encouragement mean to me. i wrote in another post re: something else so don't know how many saw it, but i'll repeat. i truly took you all to school with me today. so whether you knew it or not, you were all in my back pocket! (or maybe elsewhere would be better...then i would have been sitting on you since i was in my chair!) it's so great knowing i have you all behind me - no matter how things go. so...thank you.

okay. mushiness over (for the moment at least). i survived the day, or perhaps more than survived. i was tired at the end but not completely wiped. of course it was only 3.5hrs today, but i've gotta start somewhere. tomorrow is the really long/crazy day...things from 9am to 8pm....several lengthy breaks but still...i'll be relieved when it's over as i'm not likely to have a day like that the rest of the semester!

so the day was good. and...gasp...being in the wheelchair, while a bit tough, made things SO much easier. i'm so glad i bit the bullet & used it (& don't know what i was thinking considering otherwise...thanks for the prod in the right direction kristen!) i didn't have to worry about lines or not being able to talk to people who were standing around randomly conversing. the only issue was i couldn't get to the yummy refreshments in a crowded room initially....but there were plenty left later (and someone actually offered to get me some but i declined....stubborn independent me still raring my head). it's still weird feeling like i'm the "wheelchair girl" but i realize that's probably more my issue than anyone else's, & i already feel better about it now than this time yesterday so i'm coming along...

and the disability liaison for my school (not her primary job but she's the contact for my program with the disability office for the university) was/is SO wonderful. without going overboard or making it known to anyone (other than the one girl i was sitting with & talking to a lot, which was fine) she came over to check on things for me, tell me some secrets for the building (i.e. extra bathrooms that are private), etc. and she made sure that i don't have any early morning classes!! i must have mentioned to her at some point the fact that mornings are tough & take me awhile but i didn't follow up b/c she had explained that for first semester we're scheduled in cohorts...so that our classes are all with the same group of people. thus i really didn't want to exclude myself from that norm, but she looked into & and found that one of the cohorts has no 8:30 classes & with the exception of 3 seminar days has a schedule that won't give me any classes back to back....i am SO thankful for her thoughtfulness & efforts, & for the fact that one of the "normal" groups worked out so well for me.

and while the parents didn't come with cameras steph, they did both call within 5 min of each other this morning as i was on my way out the door :)

sounds like you were quite the girl on the go in your college days, eh?? naughty girl...so THAT'S why OU is on the party list! :huh:

i slept so-so last night...i took half the lunesta which wasn't great but helped me get to sleep easily & the wake-up wasn't too bad....

yes i put my clothes out for the day...complete with support hose (thank goodness for the cooler weather!) and gatorade. and made sure i had easy to eat food in the fridge for the rest of the week in case i wasn't able to deal with making anything for myself today or tomorrow. i was prepped to the max.

thanks again everyone.....you guys are the greatest (and you're coming with me tomorrow too...and the next day, and the next....)

B) melissa

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HIP HIP HOORAY! i'm sorry to chime in so late...like, as in after the fact! but, i'll wish you the best for tomorrow! :huh: i am glad that today went so well.

good for you with the wheelchair. the word 'wheelchair' seems to be everywhere in my life right now...and i admire your courage and emotional tenacity. soon, i suppose you'll wonder why it was so hard to get used to...but ya know, that sure doesn't help NOW! B) i should hope though that you are in just about the best program possible to be 'the wheelchair girl'. i mean, if these folks don't show compassion and an ability to handle the situation with grace they shouldn't be in social work! :) sorry. just a little thought. i know you're smiling on the other end. cuase you 'get' me.

anyway, good luck tomorrow. rest up. you're so cute about laying out your clothes. i am so anal about all that stuff. and so overprepared always. but it pays off when you are in our shoes!

keep the reports coming...i love hearing how you are doing and how your days are going! you give us all courage.


p.s. steph! how sweet of you! you are the best...always, always thinking about others no matter what! thanks for this post, miss big heart! also, you are sooooo funny! and yeah, the panda cam kinda ***** ya in doesn't it!?

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Congratulations on getting through your first day! I'll tell you what I learned during my grad school experience (I was VERY sick)- Getting there is 80% of it all. If you can just get to your classes- everything else will fall into place. Good luck and have fun!


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Well done Melissa--and good for you for using the wheelchair, that way you had to have a successful day without passing out in public :huh:

Keep it going! Nina

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Let me add my congratulations!!! I thought of you today - I was over by Case today and saw all the students with from the bookstore. Then my daughter went to a concert at the Art Museum tonight and went by Case again. I am so excited for you!!!!


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Good for you!! :D

Sounds like it was a great first day--taking into account that you're branching out into all sorts of new adventures, wheelchair adjusting, grad school, Cleveland living! It's probably pretty tough having to remind people about all the accommodations you need, but sounds like certain people are really stepping up!

That's awesome she found you a group that doesn't have classes too early! More importantly is there a CUTE GUY in said group?! :( (yeah i'm 27 and still boy crazy for other people, i hated them until I was 18 then something happened, I can't really explain it! :( )

And we'll uh, leave my OU "experiences" out of this and just focus on you! :P Wouldn't want to be a topic thief, let's just say there's a picture in my dad's college, Lindsay Wilson in Kentucky, yearbook, where he's smoking a cigarette (gasp! :unsure: bad Steve! those days are long gone thank goodness! he was in the library no less!) and he's writing in a notebook and the caption says "can you believe he's ACTUALLY STUDYING?" and I am quite proudly my father's daughter! :) I can also tell anyone visiting Athens, OH what drink specials are in any bar on Court St. on any given night of the week. :P It raises my bp, what can I say? :(

Regardless.......I hope today--the long one--went well, the weather is STILL beautiful, this might be my FAVORITE week ever in OHIO!! B) and you are feeling as good as can be! Just try not to pass out when you find out how much your books cost! :)

Take Care! Still in your very crowded pocket! :)


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Guest Julia59


Sorry, I'm a little late replying. I wanted to tell you how proud of you I am for sticking with school all this time. I'm so happy to hear your first day went well! :(

It was so nice that both your parents called just before you stared your day. You have one of the sweetest moms. I had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of times. She has a wonderful and truly genuine personality.

You really have your act together, and I know your will have great success this year----you just have it in you.

AS for getting the clothes ready----good for you......... :unsure:

I'm so bad at that----I run late because I can never decide what to wear.

I had to dress up for work---that was always a circus--------- :P

Congratulations on a good start---I wish you all the best. :(

Julie :0)

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Hi Melissa,

Congradulation for your first day. I am very proud of you for using your wheelchair.

When I did my Bachelor degree 3 years ago, I never used the wheelchair because a that time I was undiagnosed (and told that it was all in my head). I got my accutate diagnosis when I was finishing my 3rd year. So, stubborn as I was I figured that I managed 2.5 years without it so I can manage the 6 months left. Now, looking back at it I am sorry that I did not use the wheelchair because I would have had a much safer and easier life with less ER trips.


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first of all, thanks to the rest of you for all of the support. no such thing as chiming in late as far as i'm concerned....the semester's only just getting started!

okay, so i'm climbing out from under the covers where i've been - quite literally - since getting home on thursday evening at 8:15. no joke. have only been up to quickly grab beverages & salty snacks or to go to the bathroom. ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr. i'd been logging on to read up on everyone but wasn't up to posting. thank goodness i didn't have anything at school yesterday b/c i wouldn't have been able to be there. or today. but i'm in the clear as we don't have anything until classes start on tuesday & i'm pretty sure i'll be okay, if not good, to go by then.

there isn't likely to be a day as long as thursday on my schedule in the foreseable future. a good thing b/c it was tough. as i said to my parents i was in MY bed at the end of the day & not in a hospital bed, so that's a plus, but the day totally did me in. it went from 9am to 8pm with 2 breaks of about an hour and a half. i made the mistake of not laying down/resting during the first break, which i paid for later, but it's tough to make that call when i was with people talking & being early in the day wasn't wiped at that point. i'll learn. for the second break i thought about coming home to lay down but instead found a bench there as it was beautiful outside & layed down for a good hour or so. that allowed me to make it through the rest of the day, and they fed us well for every meal which helped b/c i didn't have to worry about getting somewhere for food (and had my backpack stocked with water & gatorade). on that note, i had one embarassing moment of managing to drop part of my lunch on the ground...but it didn't phase me as much as i would have expected.

so...i survived, but it was a push....i guarantee that i wouldn't have been able to make it through the day upright without the chair. it was pushing it with the chair....

and yes, nina, part of my final "convincing of self" to use it a few days ago included realizing that it would be MUCH less cool to be blacking out as my intro to all my new classmates. i'd rather be "wheelchair girl" than "unconscious had-to-call-911 girl". :)

as a sidenote, the end of the day included a seminar on diversity - of all types, all the "isms" - that was pretty intense & good. i may post to tell you all more about it later b/c it was pretty intense for me personally (in terms of disability/wheelchair stuff). but wanted to let you know i made it and am peeking out of the covers at least a bit!

em, i agree that if a group of people should be ok about illness/disability, one would hope it would be a group of social workers in the making. you're not the first one i've had that "conversation" with :) so far so good in that regard...

steph & em, i couldn't get the panda cam to work on my computer :angry: so i'm jealous. i would have liked to been watching them while hibernating the past day and a half but maybe i'll have to take a peek on a school computer sometime :D

carmen, thanks for the "just getting there" encouragement. it'll be a good thing to keep in my back pocket on the tougher days i'm sure!

steph, i've got my eyes on one cutie but don't know yet if he's in my classes at all...i'll have to wait until tuesday for that info :) unfortunately the odds aren't too good in my program...it's about 90% female. gggggggrrrrrrrrrr. but case is about 60-65% male overall so i'll just have to branch out a bit....law, medicine, business...there are some options :D

thanks again for all the support guys - for school in general, for my entre into the wheelchair use, etc.

B) melissa

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Melissa, you should be very THANKFUL the panda cam doesn't work--if it did, I can almost guarantee you'd never show up for class!! ;)

I'm very addicted to that little thing, my sister in Denver is now addicted to that thing, and she has a job, and I don't believe she accomplished much last week! She is thinking about pandanapping--but isn't very happy that it sleeps so much right now! :o

Well I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend in bed! If that's where you need to be most of the time to get your work done, so be it.....you'll make it! We know you will! You're right better your bed, than a hospital bed!

Take it easy chica! B)


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