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I'm Back!!


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Hi Everybody!!

I'm so sorry I have been out of the loop so much for the past month. I've had two major crashes landing in the hospital both times, I had to pack and close on my house and move, my church fired our preacher (who at one time I was close to) and then our former minister passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. It's just been one thing after another.

I have a physical therapist coming to the house twice a week and am getting ready to have in-home Iv's once a week. I guess it doesn't sound like much but it is taking all my energy trying to re-stabilize. The move has been chaotic (like many moves are); it's amazing how people mess up every little thing. The phone didn't get transferred over correctly, the cable company hooked me up with the wrong (more expensive) service etc etc. So, I'm finding myself on the phone several hours a day trying to straighten things out.

Now I'm having trouble with the whole wheelchair issue. The store I was working with suddenly isn't calling me back so I decided to start from scratch (that store was working with the Dr's I had in the hospital who don't know my case anyway. Those Dr's wrote the order for the wheelchair but then on Medicare's form stated I didn't need it to get around inside my home --hello??? I'm CRAWLING around my house because I'm passing out so much). So, now I'm working with MY Dr. and a different provider. I'm being told that most likely Medicare will deny my claim. Then what? I'll be back to crawling around on my floor. Our Gov't system makes no sense!!!!

UGGGHH!! I'll just cross one bridge at a time huh? The heat isn't helping matters; the fatigue is unbearable some days.

Okay...I'll quit complaining but thanks for listening :)

Now that I am temporarily settled (I will have to move again in two months) I will try to get back on track and catch up with folks.

Welcome to all our new members! I look forward to getting to know you.

Hang in there everyone!



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Hi Poohbear.. welcome back!! We missed you!

WOw I am so sorry to hear about the difficult time that you are having.. and I really hope that things get settled for you.. and straightened out..

My goodness it is horrible moving once.. let alone haivng to move twice in 2 months! I feel for you!

take care pooh..

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Pooh bear,

I am not sure if we have talked before,but I am sorry you are having such a hard time. Hopefully things will start to improve. Maybe you could watch in your local news paper for a wheelchair, sometimes I will see one advertised here in Tennessee. I am sure as with most of us you don,t have a lot of extra cash, but it is better than buying a new one.

Best wishes and good luck,

Rita s

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pooh -

it's SO good to see you back! i'd missed you but had been hoping that you'd just been caught up in the move. i'm glad to hear that's over - at least round one - but sorry that you've had some crashes in the midst of things. and that so much has been so crazy. doesn't it sometimes just feel like nothing goes the right way the first time...like nothing is simple? (not that i'm speaking for myself or anything :) )

i can TOTALLY relate to the wheelchair frustrations. and how hard it is to deal with when it's hard enough to acknowledge needing one in the first place. my situation with that still isn't figured out either but hopefully is heading in the right direction...

i'm also sorry to hear about everything at your church...those things can be really tough to deal with.

i hope things quiet down for you a bit, at least until your next move, and that you can get some rest.

hang in there,

;) melissa

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I am so glad that you are back! I missed you here so much...and am so sorry you are having such a hard, hard time right now. I am glad that you are able to be online at least a little now and check in...it's so hard when you can't communicate at all! I was so glad that when you were in l'hopital that you called Julie and she let us know. I worry about people on the board when they are away!

One day we had a big discussion about the 'hope it's soon baboon' saying, and you weren't here to set us all straight! So, here I was doing a search for for 'baboon'! Then, I found the phrase...:)

Soooo...hope you are able to find some things that work for you soon...the IV's, the wheelchair, etc. and please check in when you can.

When I had IVs at home after GB surgery, my mom had to do them--the nurses only came to change the PICC line dressing. My poor mom about had a heart attack doing it. One morning she had the fluid going OUT of me (i.e. blood!) rather than IN! She about panicked. They really skimp on services they provide. By the time she had it down pat it was time for me to stop having IVs! Oh well.

Keep us posted and welcome back...

Later alligator!


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