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Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia?

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Hey Everyone!

   Today I got diagnosed with non-ulcer dyspepsia (NUD) after an endoscopy, four biopsies, lots of blood tests, and of course lots of doctors. My doctor specifically said, "This does not mean that we think it is all in your head, and this is a real diagnosis." I think I believe him in the fact that he doesn't think I'm crazy, but the more I read up on this disorder, the more I feel like it is just a giant question mark. He said it was super common in dysautonomia patients, so if that is true I was hoping someone could shed some light on this for me. He is going to put me on a higher dose of Omeprazole (40mg). I am just worried that this won't work and then I'll be back at square one. I am really discouraged because if this doesn't improve my symptoms then I'll have yet another pain and more stigma to deal with. My question is, has the Omeprazole worked for anyone with NUD? If it hasn't, what alternative treatments have you tried for your NUD? I am just crossing my fingers and praying that this works for me. Thanks for reading through my ranting, and thanks in advance for your answers!!!!!


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Hi @Knellie - yes, GI symptoms as you get with Dyspepsia are common in Dysautonomia. The ANS is responsible for digestion ( the parasympathetic strand ) and there can be several scenarios from an imbalance: GERD ( indigestion etc ), IBS and gastroparesis being the most common ones talked about on this forum. Dyspepsia is simply another word for indigestion, non-ulcer ( obviously ) meaning without any ulcers being the cause of the symptoms. So - you might have the exact symptoms an ulcer would cause but without the ulcer. 

I had years of severe GI troubles in the beginning of my illness, an EGD showed GERD , esophagitis and a duodenal ulcer - all caused by the excessive acid produced by the ANS "on fire". This was when my POTS was untreated and at it's worst. What eventually helped me were Pantoprazole ( similar med to Omeprazole ), Carafate ( coats the stomach ) and a concoction called GI cocktail ( Mylanta, viscous Lidocaine and Phenobarbital ). Once the inflammation healed I was able to keep it from getting worse again by following a few simple steps: avoiding large meals and only eating 6-7 "snacks" a day, avoiding raw fruits and vegetables that are acidic ( steamed is fine ), avoiding alcohol and caffeine. For some reason water gives me horrible indigestion but I tolerate ginger ale - so that is what I mostly drink. 

Your doctor is right: the symptoms you are experiencing are commonly found in dysautonomia patients, and the increase in medication as well as adjusting your diet and eating habits can greatly improve your symptoms. 


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Yep, I had this very badly shortly after I was diagnosed and it got terrible on my TTT. I saw a gastroenterologist that works with dysautonomia patients who works with my neurologist. I can’t take omperazole or anything in that class due to side effects. After an endoscopy I was told it was neuro/ANS and put on gabapentin because every time I ate it felt like I was eating glass. I lost 25+ pounds and was hospitalized and put on TPN for 6 weeks so it’s nothing to mess about with if it’s impacting your ability to eat enough. After a few years on gabapentin I slowly (critical) decreased the dose and got off it. I still get it occasionally recently but it seems to be specific to certain foods/supplements which I haven’t quite figured out yet.

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