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Medrol dose pack

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Before getting diagnosed I had taken a Medrol dose pack on the second day I felt almost normal my pulse was staying steady standing and sitting and moving.   Then the next day I was back to the huge increases impulse and feeling horrible it was dramatic Improvement on the second day. Does anybody have any experience

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I took Prednisone ( 60 mg to 10 mg over 6 days ) twice for joint pains. My autonomic specialist always told me that I could not take it b/c of my POTS, and he was right 😒. I did OK while I was on it but stopping it caused one of the most horrible flares, with high BP etc. The second time we weaned slower - instead of stopping at 10 mg I took 1 mg less every day. I still had the same flare - so I was told not to take steroids at all unless it's an emergency.

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