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Hey everyone—I’m an almost 52 year old woman who has dealt with POTS and other unrelated heart arrhythmias since my late 20s. 

Like many people here, my symptoms have worsened significantly during menopause. Lately though I’ve been having debilitating orthostatic headaches. I never had bad headaches as a primary symptom. 

Anyone else suffer from worsening headaches with standing during menopause? 


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This isn't exactly what you're asking, but it may still apply.  My daughter who is almost 25, was having some debilitating headaches recently.  She gets migraines, too, but these were different.  We finally figured out that it had to do with low blood pressure.  She was anemic and getting iron infusions, but because iron tends to lower your blood pressure, she was having to get a couple of bags of fluids after because when she would stand up and start to move around, the headaches would get worse.  We think that because she's been anemic for quite a while, that it was prompting these headaches and then the treatment causing low bp, as well.  In a nut shell, you might want to make sure your blood levels are good, also your fluid levels.  Things like anemia can really sneak up on you.  My daughter drinks 2 liters of smartwater a day in addition to about 2 liters of regular water, orange juice, etc.  So she shouldn't have needed fluids, but POTSies need sooooo much more than regular people.  Hope this helps! 

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