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AI disease, sunshine and POTS flare?

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Anybody else with autoimmune disease get a flare of that and dysautonomia from sunshine? We finally had some lovely spring weather and sunshine the other day and I spent a few hours outside and everything started flaring the next day. Fatigue, joint pain, low BP, high HR, malaise etc. I know it can cause lupus and RA to flare but I am not aware of it causing POTS to flare. I am also not aware of it causing me to flare :^( 

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@p8d  - yes, I flare very much if I spend too much time in the sun. I have not yet figured out why. It is not even just heat, since I get it when out in the sun on cool days. I read somewhere that sunlight triggers the ANS by dilating the pupils in reaction to the bright light. I can be out doing something in the garden feeling just fine but from one second to the other I am floored ( literally! ). It always takes me a few days or longer to get better. --- I also have been experiencing more joint pains with the weather change, but I am on Plaquenil now and it's not as bad as before. Hope you get better soon 🧡

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