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POTS and Chiropractor, 2 day relief when I go .

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I have seen a Chiropractor 3 time now, he uses a spinal manipulation tool and about 2 hours later most of my symptoms are gone. I am a daily wheelchair user , I may get to walk 5-10 steps at a time on a good day. As noted above,  most of symptoms are relived for a couple days after manipulating just my upper back and traps, we have not touched the neck area . I can walk , cook , do laundry and clean for most of the day. At the end of the second day I end up back wheelchair bound again. My chiropractor is confused of why? I do have bulging disc c3- c7 with herniation on c6–C7, two Neurosurgeons have stated it would not be causing any of my pots symptoms. So I am confused to what may be happening, really quite frustrating,  knowing their is a fix and can not be obtained for more than a day and know doctors know why. 



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I don't have an answer to your questions, but my mother worked for chiropractors from 1985 to 2015. I've regularly gone to several of them (though none since the pandemic). A good chiropractor can make a big difference, especially to those of us who aren't able to regularly move our own bodies as much as we want. And yes, most benefits I get from them are temporary because my body goes back to it's old habits. One reason may be the rubber band theory. The body will inevitably snap back to whatever condition it is used to. 

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