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Covid vaccine but have AAG w/anhidrosis

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Hi - I have moderate anhidrosis with my AAG. When it comes my turn, I plan to get a covid vaccine - but I admit to being worried about the second shot - where some get fevers. I haven’t had an illness with a fever in years. What happens when you get a bug and get a fever, but have some trouble sweating? I am suddenly rather nervous about this, and I don’t know if I even should be nervous. I know I can talk to my doctor but I was wondering if any in the group had a thought.



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I have some anhidrosis and SFN and had the flu (mild, I had had the vaccination) a couple of years ago and the symptoms were all there, achy, fatigue, fever but I don’t recall sweating being an issue. I do sweat in some places so I figure I will sweat there if I need to.

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