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Covid and POTS with no flare

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Don't get me wrong - Covid was awful. I never want to do that again. I think I had ALL the possible symptoms, but the worst for me was the agonizing body aches that made me cry, followed by the 3 days of shortness of breath and low O2 sats (90 - 93). I was terrified I was going to end up in the hospital but I didn't. I took Mucinex religiously, used an incentive spirometer, and my friend insisted I drink Liquid IV often and I think those things made a huge difference. I had a cough for a few weeks and it took a while for my taste/smell to come back but other than that no lasting after-effects. I feel profoundly grateful. As soon as I tested positive I was terrified and anxious. I am so glad I got through it ok, and while it was awful, it wasn't affected by POTS and vice-versa. Just wanted to share my experience. I felt so alone at the time, it was a horrible two weeks. I hope this helps someone. 

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Glad you got through it @Angelika_23- you were lucky to avoid the flare!  I agree that POTS doesn't mean you will have a worse case of Covid than a non-POTS person but personally I found it did lead to a really bad flare.  I had Covid between Christmas and New Year and am still not back to "normal" - my HR is still running higher than normal and my BP lower so it takes less time being upright before I grey out and need to sit down!  Just shows how different we all are!

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