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I might have discovered something that helps me ...

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... but I don't want to tell anyone and jinx it!

I was almost randomly doing an intervention and I think it helped and maybe gave a clue to my symptoms as well. But last time that happened with salt & fluid loading it only worked for one day. Ugh. I have to wait until tomorrow lunchtime or afternoon to try to repeat it.


Can't get to sleep. So I will half tell diinet.org to try to calm my brain 🙂

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The technique I tried yesterday seems to have worked today as well. I did not feel 100% better, but I was a lot less miserable than usual.

I did feel a few different sensations around the old bod – nothing alarming or unpleasant, just signs that something was afoot.

I am going to have to wait until I can see a specialist (have got two lined up) before I can do this every day. I will give details then. Not being mysterious, just want to get things confirmed before I start blabbing about it. It's on the standard list of OI/POTS interventions.

In the meantime – yippee – sort of.

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