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Does anyone with POTS have balance issues?

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Yep all the time - it's a constant issue for me.  I actually use a rollator when I'm outside as I can't keep my balance without it and inside the house I hold on to furniture and walls to keep myself orientated.  I think it's because I feel so dizzy when I'm upright, even when I'm sitting everything spins and if I shut my eyes it gets even worse to the point where I could be sick.  My doctors say that's because of lack of blood flow to the brain and that there isn't anything they can do to help (I haven't been able to tolerate any meds that lower my HR) so I can sympathise but unfortunately I don't know of any solutions!

If this is a new thing for you though I would mention it to your doctors to get checked out - other conditions can give you balance issues and it's so easy to blame everything on POTS when it could be something as simple as an ear infection!

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I have this all the time but I have Meniere's disease.  Lately it's worse outside for me. I always use a cane outside.  One of the treatments for POTS is more salt & treatment for Meniere's is less salt.  I can't win at anything I do.

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