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Extra Swelling and Cold from Broken Toe?

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Hey Everyone!

   A couple of days ago I broke my toe. It wasn't a big deal but the toe itself was of course swollen. When I stand up normally, my feet get really swollen, purple and cold, as is normal for POTS. But now my left foot (the one with the broken toe) is extra cold and swollen. When I stand up my right foot won't look that bad but my left foot will immediately swell and turn purple. When I sit down to elevate it, my foot won't get warmer, in fact it gets a lot colder. My foot keeps getting so cold to the point where my foot gets stiff and loses some feeling. It doesn't look swollen but it turns white. Is this like a weird injury related Raynaud's thing? Or is this a POTS thing? I have never been diagnosed with Raynaud's so I have no idea. Has this happened to any of you? Do you have any tips?

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@Knellie - I have severe reynauds and broke my toes and metatarsal bones often. I had more than usual coldness and also swelling and bruising but I did not loose feeling. I would have it checked immediately. Sometimes severe swelling - or even a dislocated bone - can press on a vein or nerve. I would go to ER.

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