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Bathing is very difficult for most of us. What are some quick hygiene tricks to stay clean and looking decent?

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So lately it's been super hard for me to bathe. I also like to find all natural / organic products..... or at least stuff that can be recycled after use. 

I found some dry shampoo that you simply put in your brush and comb through the hair; I haven't received it yet but I ordered it. Dry shampoo is something that doesn't take water, it's quick and easy to put in the hair and soaks up oil and makes your hair looked washed and volumized. I found some all natural ingredient brands on a website (I don't do well with all the chemicals). 

When all the toilet paper ran out in stores, I ended up buying some wipes but haven't used them yet. Was wondering if that would be good to use for hygienic purposes? 

I also wanted to ask about shaving. It's just too difficult to sit in a bath and shave with cheap razors. Does anyone know if they still sell the electric shavers? I remember having one of those in middle school! 

I recently purchased the bites toothpaste bits, they come in a glass jar and you just buy the bites and refill until it's time to recycle. They were inexpensive and come with activated charcoal and mint. 

The only deodorant I can use is an allmay unscented for very sensitive skin. 

Any other tips? This might be a helpful thread for everyone. 


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Hi, @CallieAndToby22,

What's helpful to me with the shaving is waxing, cus then I don't have to worry about hair for a while! If it's safe for you to go out and get a wax and you are able and your skin will tolerate it, it's worth it. If not, you could try Veet from the drug store, which are these strips that have wax.  It's just nice not having to worry about it for days!

I feel for you with the bath thing . . . before I was diagnosed and prescribed meds, I was afraid to even sit for a bath (and I love baths!) because I was afraid I was going to pass out in the tub! I had to take baths when my husband was around . . . believe me, at that time, a bath was the least of my worries, ha ha! So sometimes it was like . . . days. Much less washing my hair. I was so gross. Are you able to sit in the shower with a shower chair? That helped me immensely. If you don't already have one, get a shower head attachment with an extra-long hose - most hoses are about 5'; the longer ones are at least 6'. They will reach everywhere, if you get my drift, even when you're sitting in the shower chair. 

Re: the deodorant thing - my husband and I use deodorant, not anti-perspirant, for different reasons, and we have found some good stuff you may be able to use. My husband has sensitive skin and anti-perspirants and deodorants always gave him a rash under his arms . . . a few years ago we found this deodorant (*not* anti-perspirant) cream in a little jar called "Yodora" . . . it is awesome stuff. It works for my husband, even if he's been out working in the yard on hot, humid day, and it works for me. It has a very light and pleasant smell. It does not irritate my husband's skin in the slightest. I use it because, being a deodorant and not an anti-perspirant, it does not contain aluminum. What's amazing about it is that a little goes a very long way - the 2-oz. jar lasts at least a year, even with daily use.

I've also recently been using a deodorant made of citrus extracts called "Waleda" - found on the "C. O. Bigelow" Web site. Good stuff. It's a liquid spray in a bottle that has a light lemony scent; made in Switzerland. I also have to say that Johnson's corn starch (no talc) baby powder works really well as a deodorant. I'm guessing straight corn starch may work just as well.

Sending you good vibes!!



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