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Resonance Frequency Breathing

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Just wondering about Resonance Frequency Breathing..... My daughter's therapist has her doing this 11-second resonance frequency breathing to help with her dysautonomia and anxiety.  It's making her anxiety worse, not better....... anybody have that happen? 

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I can’t do any type of breathing exercises except for maybe two breaths or a few minutes without getting very symptomatic. Mindfulness meditation, no way—I get tachy and anxiety and I have no idea what my BP does. I have a HRV device that you breathe to a Mandela and I do really well for about 3-5 minutes then all h*ell breaks loose, not only in HRV but how I feel so it’s definitely physiological because I can see it in the device. I think for some of us this causes sympathetic overdrive symptoms. I tend to do better lying down or sitting in my recliner and distracting myself with a book or cuddling with my husband or dogs. I will very occasionally take a quarter tablet of alprazolam which also helps.

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