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How long after sitting to take BP?

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Hi all. I know all about doing ortho vitals (immediately on standing, after 1,3,5,10 minutes after standing) and have a great dysautonomia team of Drs and NPs but this is such a basic question I thought I would ask here. How long after sitting should we take them? I have read 5 minutes for healthy folks but my BP drops 10-20 points between sitting for 5 minutes and 10 minutes. I like the numbers after 10 minutes much more ;^) so I tend to use those. I tend to have hypertension. TIA.

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@p8d - for normal people the orthostatic adjustments the body makes occur within 1 minute, so definitely we have to take them after 1 minute ( before that the readings will be inaccurate due to the adjustment period ). In dysautonomia the BP or HR can either drop ( OH and NCS ) or increase within 10 minutes, so it is important to take it again after 10 minutes. To find out what changes occur at what point we should take them at 3 and 5 minutes as well. In POTS the HR is elevated within but also AT 10 minutes - meaning if the HR is up at - for example - 4 minutes but goes back down at 9 minutes it is not POTS. So it os important to check both HR and BP at all of those different times. 

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