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Diet programs

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I have POTS, NCS, MCAS... I am trying to find a diet program that provides ready made meals that will work with my allergies and other issues for the next 3-4 months. I am having enough issues that preparing meals is not possible and my husband will be having neck  C1 -C3 fused (he already has C3 -C7 fused) and knee surgery ( both knees replaced) so he will be out of commission for a couple months. I was hoping some of you in the group have tried some of the food by mail and can give me honest feedback. Thanks in advance for any ideas and feedback. I just can’t get out to the stores much and prepping the food is not possible, a little bit of prep and 15-20 minute cooking my husband can do sitting down in kitchen. 

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@Roxy -I have not tried any food-by-mail programs but have you tried to place an order with any of the big grocery chains ( Trader Joes, Walmart, Whole Foods etc )? You can order online, have it sent to your home ( in some cases ) or ask someone to pick up the order for you. 

Also - what I do is I use my instapot a lot for cooking since it is quick and does not require a lot of time at the stove. I also cook in advance and freeze portions, so when I don't feel good we can just take out a meal and reheat. 

Good Luck to your husband with his upcoming surgery!

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I do have an instapot that we use but the diet/food my husband needs and the food I need are at polar opposites it is like cooking 2 different meals mine and his. I have done the freezer stock up...was just hoping to get something simpler for the two of us. I have even looked at the suvie cooker, buying a harvest right freeze dryer...thanks for answering and trying to help

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