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So i took VNG/Rotary Chair/VEMP tests for vertigo

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Anybody had these tests done? To prepare for the VNG test, i had to clean out my right ear with debrox drops. I was at home and flushing my ear out. After about the 10th flush with hot water, i got really hot. I lost all of my balance. I was on the ground and couldn't get up and everything was spinning. My wife brought me my BP machine. it was around 170s/100. I layed there for 20 minutes or so and got up and i was fine.

a few days later i went to take the VNG test. It was fine until they blew cold/hot air into my ears. The cold air i had no problems with. Then they blew hot air into my right ear. i expected to get dizzy but had no issues. When they blew hot air into my left ear is when i got pretty dizzy. She said water is usually seen as more harsh which i would agree with. it didn't take me long to recover. They said i had bilateral weakness in both ears. So my ENT doc wanted me to take the rotary chair test and the VEMP test to see if the issues of my ears was a physical or neurological problem. We both figured neurological because of the POTS.

I took the rotary chair test first. They spun me around pretty slowly in a dark chamber with goggles on asking me random questions. when the chair stopped, i was dizzy instantly. then they said okay we are going to increase the speed. i wasnt feeling well already. i was strapped in with a seatbelt. the chair was spinning around so fast, the only thing that kept me in the chair was the seatbelt. i was hurting so bad i guess i was closing my eyes and they said keep your eyes open. the chair stopped and i couldn't take it anymore. i had to get out. this was the most suffering i've ever experienced in my life. my hands were tingling like crazy. i bet my BP was through the roof. i layed down for 20 minutes. i knew i wasnt going to get any better that day so i pushed through the VEMP test. conclusion? they said nothing was wrong which contradicts my VNG test results(at another hospital). i imagine how i felt that day is how some people feel when they are dying. it's not like an ouch i broke my toe pain. it's an internal suffering i can't explain. i would of rather broken my toe. i was sick until the next day. 

anybody else do these tests and have similar results? i see my ENT doc tomorrow to go over everything. i am also wanting to get my tonsils removed. she said because of my condition i might have to be in the hospital for 7 or 8 days because of dysautonomia. i am scared to get the surgery done now. but since i've had full blown pots, my heart pounds out of my chest when my tonsils get infected. which happens at least once a year. 


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Oh my @Derek1987 - what a terrible thing to do to you! I have HPOTS as well and am getting palpitations just thinking about you in that spinning chair! Certainly that set off an adrenaline surge!!! --- I have seizures when the doctor flushes out my ears, I think getting dizzy like that is a common reaction to that procedure. --- Regarding the tonsillectomy: yes, it certainly will be a tough thing for your POTS, and I have stayed in hospital after surgeries because of POTS. As long as they give you IV fluids your POTS should be well controlled, at least it always was for me after surgeries. Pain control and being able to drink fluids may be difficult at first. But removing the cause of constant inflammation on your body ( tonsils are known to be very toxic to the body when inflamed ) could very much improve your POTS as well. The amount of stress chronic inflammation causes is considerable, and - once the recovery is over - you may feel so much better, and even regain some strength and stamina! One thing I experience positively whenever in hospital is that I feel less anxious. Everything is monitored, you are never alone, there is nothing you have to do other than get better, and - as I said - the IV fluids really give a boost and eliminate most of the symptoms. 

Of course it is very scary to think about the surgery - but that will be over quickly and afterwards I think you will feel better. Good luck!

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Derek, that sounds horrific!

I think a hospital stay after surgery is a good idea. I have trouble maintaining my bp for about a week after surgery. If they can keep IV fluids going and maybe monitor you, I think you will do better. They may end up using some type of steroid during that time to get you through. That is what they do for me. Are you taking fludrocortisone? My doctor has me increase that a day or two before surgery. Also, your throat will be very sore and you won't be able to drink as much fluids. You may even need IV support after you're released. Sounds like your doctor is on top of it. Good luck with your surgery. 

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