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One more thing to deal with... disappointing


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Hi everyone,

I've been really struggling with stomach issues. Six weeks ago I was hopsitalized for 5 days for a partial obstruction of the small bowel. Last week I had a reoccurance and lost 6 pounds in a week. I'm doing better the last three days and have even gained one pound back with eating again.

BUT... I saw the GI specialist today and he gave me NO hope that I can control these episodes or that he can help me in any way. I'm on the west coast of US and he suggests Mayo... for motility... I just don't know what I'm going to do.

I am so sad and disappointed to be facing one more major problem that I can't control. The Reglan helps me when things aren't hurting, but the flare up of the bowel is so painful and I can't eat for days.

Stacey just posted about her 10th Anniversary and the word that caught my attention a few times was sad... yes... I too feel sad over the losses right now and sad to face one more thing that can flare up.

On a positive note, I've been accepted into Vanderbilt for a 12 day stay. I know there's a lot of different opinions about doing this, but I've decided to go for it. Maybe I'll get some help. AND maybe there's a motility speciaist there that I can see?

Well, you are all so loving and kind and I send you all a big hug, because I know as you read this you are also sad for me and for yourselves as well.



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I can't recall where the doctors are who do this, but there is such a thing called GI pacing, which is a pacemaker for gut.

I've had gastroparesis for some time now--the only thing that really helps me is Miralax, a prescription laxative. You may want to ask your doctor about...or consider a different doctor if he/she can't come up with a treatment plan.


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Also, there is citroma, or any other magnesium citrate drink, which is an otc laxative. It does work, but it sure makes me nauseated! Nina

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I'm so very sorry you have to face another disappointment. I'm not a self pity person, so there were several times that I said: no, wrong door, it's not my turn today. But the illness came in anyway.

What you wrote about being sad is so true. That's how I often feel, sad about all the losses we have (had) and about having to drive on some stupid scooter (and I even had to say thank you when it was delivered!) but being grateful as well for being able to go out.

There will be a time when you feel better again, when the sun shines, or when you're in your (beautiful) garden. Until that time I'm wishing you the best Roselover, I'll be thinking about you and send you another cyber rose!


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