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Hello @JAG307 - welcome to the forum!!!! I have a port and get home infusions - 1 - 3 L LR a week, depending on how I feel. The LR is a lot better for me - I used to get NSS ( Normal Saline Solution ), but it only worked for a short while. LR has a lot of other electrolytes rather than just Saline, and it works as a volume-booster, not just replenisher. It seems to control my high BP a lot better and also does not send me to the bathroom so often - with saline I would pee out everything as fast as it was going in. Personally - if NSS does not work good enough for you I would ask your doc of he/she would consider LR. 

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@Jwarrior77 - I get 1 L over 6 hours, over the years that has proven to be the best for me. Anything faster causes me to retain the fluids and pee them right out ( NSS does that to me too, that is why I use LR ), and anything slower does not correct my BP when it is high. Sometimes even 750 ml are enough, I do that when I am in a good spell. So - I do 1 L at 150 ml/hr. 

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