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Do you feel faint at the thought of pain or blood  

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Over the last couple of years, i seem to be becoming more squemish , I am now struggling to watch ER, which disapoints me greatly... maybe this is a little exaggeration on my part, (but it's friday afternoon)

I'm sure i have read something about this somewhere, or heard something - maybe i am just going mad :angry::)

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Hmmm, let me think how I can answer this to make it make sense.

I cannot watch when I have blood drawn, but I do not feel as if I will pass out either. I just simply don't like the thought of it or watching it.

I do not watch ER and haven't for a few years now because I don't like the graphic scenes. I don't feel like passing out or anything. I just simply never have been able to tolerate graphic images because sometimes they get stuck in my head and I find them disturbing.

I had a hard time going to see the movie The Passion of the Christ because of this but did go and survived the violence by covering my eyes during the most graphic parts. I see this kind of movie much different than other things protrayed in movies and on t.v. When the O.J. trial was on years ago, I would have nightmares and intrusive images in my mind of the horrific events as protrayed in the trial. Is this mental illness? I don't know, but as for me, you can count me in as a person who does not like to watch nor hear about graphic stuff...I don't feel like passing out....I just can't tolerate it and it freaks me out...add in scary freaky slasher movies (never ever seen them) and even sometimes the news and even yes haunted houses (no fun there and I'm an adult). To put it lightly, I'm not an adrenaline junky and can't even ride roller coasters which I found out years ago way before POTS came on the scene in the truest sense of the word.

Personally, I don't think it is related to POTS but it could be maybe in an adrenaline response to seeing upsetting images....not sure. Personally, I don't think you are going mad! If you are, you are not alone!

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When I was first diagnosed my POTS doctor gave me a list of potential triggers for POTS symptoms (according to the Johns Hopkins Clinic). There were many, but one of them was scary movies and another was the sight of blood. I thought this sounded kind of strange, but the autonomic system is connected to and affects so many aspects of our bodies and minds, it isn't surprising. Anything that triggers flight or fight response in a normal human, even if slight, would have a greater affect on someone with autonomic dysfunction.

I've never fainted from seeing blood, but I have felt close to it after having a lot of blood drawn for tests, especially if it is done in the AM. I don't like scary/violent movies, but I don't think that aversion is related to POTS!


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Guest Julia

I only had problems with scarey/bloody movies when in the hyperadrengic stage of my POTS. I have never had a fear of seeing blood for the most part. I think a lot of those slasher movies are stupid/funny. But if I would have watched them at the first stages of my POTS I know I would have been affected.

One movie that did scare the heck out of me was the exorcist. Creeped me out for months. I still can't watch that movie to this day. There was not much blood and gore like a lot of the other scarey movies, but the content was horrific.

Sometimes action movies bring on a little too much adreanaline---it's a fun stress, but sometimes too much-----I just remember too breathe. ER doesn't bother me unless they crack open a chest----but even then, it doesn't bother me every time. It depends on weather i'm having a bad day or not.

Julie :0)

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I've always overreacting to stimuli. I wouldn't describe myself as nervous, but others might because if someone around me as much as sneezes loudly I jump out of my seat or gasp loudly. But that aside, I've never minded giving blood but I freak out if I cut myself or I'm around someone who has cut themselves and I can see the blood pulsing out. I think I can say that I have nearly fainted at times. But I don't think that's caused by POTS. It's a fairly common reaction. I don't watch scary/bloody movies because I dream about them. Same for books. Anything that scares me during the day, I usually dream about it that night. I always remember being this way.

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