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Tired of doctors


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I have been dealing with oi and syncope for a little over four years now. I was first diagnosed when I worked in an office setting. I had episodes before this , but tried to hide it from everyone because I was scared. Then one day I was at work and began to have repeated episodes every time I tried to stand.

I went to my doctor and he started to call for test. A few days later when nothing stood right out in all of his test he told me to go see a phycologist. Knowing nothing was wrong with me mentally I drove straight to another doctor. This is when she called for a tilt test and I was fist diagnosed in 2001.

Things became very complicating for me trying to work 40 hrs a week. I finally quit my job because I was spending more time at home than work. I went to work only part time on weekends. After that I had to reduce my hours down to ten hours a week. Now I can't even seem to work them without passing out a few times.

I discussed filing disability with my doctor ( for four years ). When it come time for her to fill out the paperwork the only thing she could come up with is I had trouble standing ( maybe ) and I had trouble with hearing and seeing. I could not beleive this she is the one that has drove me home put me in the hospital for a week and called for more test than a person could ever imagine. How could she atend and collect money from me so much if she really feels there is nothing wrong, but maybe seeing and hearing every know and then.

I have switched primary care docs now, but it still doesn't make me feel any better with the treatment I have received in the past. What is a person suppost to do?????

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Hi Rita,

I can't remember if I welcomed you earlier, so here's to that!

I don't know what we have to do to get the proper treatment. In my case I (mostly) shouldn't complain, because I was diagnosed in a reasonable time (about 2 years I think) and I'm (again mostly) treated well. But there were a few times that doctors (and other people) treated me real bad. I think we all experienced that. And that is why I think this forum is so great. There are a lot of caring and understanding people around here, who are here to help, give very good advices and know what you're talking about.

I don't have an answer, I think we just have to stay ourselves and be persistent. In time doctors will learn and meanwhile we can help educate them by sendig them the brochures that are now available.

Best wishes Rita,


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Hi Rita,

I am so sorry to hear about that. I just can't stand some doctors.

I hope the new doctor works better for you.

Good luck! :D

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iknow exactly what you mean unfortunatly i dont have a solution. i have not had much luck at all with docs. my cardio is great , but admits he doesnt know a whole lot about dysautonomia.the convincing part for my pcp (who thought i needed to see a phycologist ) was when my daughter began passing out and ekg was abnormal.good luck i know its frustrating


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